Food to study?

The September exams and selectivity are just around the corner and the laggards are already looking for last minute solutions to learn in a few days what they did not study during the holidays.

In this sense, they are numerous the research who have discovered that certain foods promote brain performance when doing cognitive activities such as studying. Here we offer ten of these products that will help test students improve their performance. But let no one expect miracles: without due hours of study, there will be little to do.

Salmon. Many specialists recommend it for its high content of omega 3 fatty acids. Both this fish and tuna improve concentration, memory and learning. Blue fish is also healthy because it helps control cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Oats. This cereal, known for being beneficial for the skin - numerous creams and gels attest to this - is also good for the nervous system, due to its high content of thiamine or vitamin B1. In addition, it is a food rich in protein and healthy fats. It is recommended to consume it in times of stress and it is beneficial for short-term memory.

Carrots Like oats, its intake also implies benefits for the skin and is also indicated to improve memory. Its long-term consumption can increase our capacidad retention thanks to the antioxidant beta-carotene, according to a study published in The Archives of Internal Medicine.

Avocado. Like salmon, it is a food rich in healthy fats and, therefore, favors the level of concentration

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Blueberries A study by Forbes magazine places them as a powerful long-term memory booster. They are rich in vitamin C, in antioxidants, which help activate the protective enzymes of the brain and improve memory. They also contain potassium, a mineral necessary for the transmission and generation of the nervous impulse. Fresh, in yogurts or in jam, it does not matter how it is taken: the blueberry only has positive properties.

blueberriesNuts. Their high phosphorus content make them the most effective dried fruit for activities such as studying or any related to intellectual performance. Similarly, his sisters the almonds improve memory, according to a study by the University from Illinois-Chicago, which showed that everyone who ate a handful of almonds a day for a season did better on memory tests.

Egg. Amino acids essential found in the yolk and a substance called choline, from the B vitamins group, make the egg an essential food to improve attention span and long-term memory. Of course, you have to take it in moderation to avoid other problems such as high cholesterol.

Banana. We will not discover anything if we highlight here the properties of the banana, food Essential both for elite athletes and for students during exam times due to its high content of potassium and vitamin C. Vitamin B6 helps in the natural production of concentration-related neurotransmitters, such as serotonin or dopamine.

Tea and coffee. Caffeine helps improve memory, although it will only be beneficial if you do not exceed two cups a day, and as long as the last is eight hours before bedtime, as this will not harm the quality of our dream. Tea, in addition to caffeine, contains L-theanine, indicated to improve memory and concentration.

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Skimmed milk. Vitamin B12, present in milk, chicken, turkey or eggs, is very important for maintaining cognitive abilities, according to a study by Tufts University, in the United States. The absence of this vitamin means, according to the study, an increased risk of mental deterioration.

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