The restaurants were the main target of the raiders in 2013. Of the 4 reports of theft a commercial that were reported last year, 13% occurred in food establishments.

They are followed by 'café-nets' or 'cybers', The grocery stores and Clothing stores. These data appear in the report of the Ecuadorian Center of Analysis Integral Security (Ceasi).

Here are 10 tips to prevent theft at restaurants:

1. Install alarms in establishments. Currently the padlocks on rolling doors are not an effective security measure. Criminal groups use shears to open the padlocks. A lanfor door -on average- can be opened in less than 30 seconds, according to the Police.

2. If you do not have the financial resources to invest in an alarm system, another option is to hire a locksmith and 'armor' the doors with more security. They will advise you and the investment can be cheaper.

3. If you have an alarm system, check it regularly to verify that it works 100%.

4. Be vigilant when opening and closing the business. Try to be accompanied when you do. Muggers are known to take advantage of these moments to attack homeowners. Be on the lookout for strangers who may be hanging around the restaurant.

5. Do not keep large amounts of cash in the box. Although it is tedious, send trusted personnel to deposit the money with a bank. Another option is to store the silver in secret places that only you know.

6. Keep in your custody the keys to the premises. Do not leave near the cash register, the counter or in plain sight of customers. Remember that stealing your keys makes you vulnerable and may be the first step before you are robbed.

7. Force your employees to leave their purses, wallets, or clothing in areas that are inaccessible to customers. Store those assets in a locked cabinet or room. Assailants often take advantage when employees of the restaurant they are too busy to steal these belongings.

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8. If your store is open until night, install powerful lights outdoors. It is a security measure to scare off criminal groups.

9.Before closing, check the restrooms to see if there are no hidden strangers.

10. Do not place furniture in front of windows. Neither posters or calendars. This can make it difficult to see what is happening on the premises or outdoors. If there is a burglary and there are obstacles in the windows, the robbery can go unnoticed by the neighbors.

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