10 qualities of the successful seller

1. You have a strong and healthy self-esteem: The success of a seller it is intrinsically related to what he thinks of himself. A healthy self-esteem generally means a person who strives to achieve his goals.
2. Is positive and optimistic: Positivism is closely linked with a good attitude. Being optimistic it relates to what he believes he can become and achieve.
3. Are you aware of your "packaging": He knows that clients will get a first image of him depending on his "outer packaging." So he shows respect for his interlocutors by introducing himself appropriately.
4. You consider yourself and behave like a professional: He doesn't see sales as a passing occupation, but instead views them as a whole profession, one that he will probably be in for the rest of his life.
5. Is an expert in your product: You know that 50 percent of your success as a seller will depend on how well you know what you are selling.
6. Constantly update and polish your techniques: He never improvises. He knows that techniques change, and that's why he cares about staying as up-to-date as possible in his sales techniques.
7. It is strongly oriented to resultsYou understand well that the process is key to achieving results, but always keep in mind what you want to achieve.
8. Drive a healthy ambition to win well: He has a healthy vision of what money represents, and he feels comfortable aspiring to earn more constantly. So you set your own sales goals.
9. He is an excellent communicator: He knows that the word is to the seller what the instrument is to the musician. Be very careful with your vocabulary and how you write. Strives to listen to the customer.
10. Has a strong orientation towards proactivity: The professional seller generates his own shares. You can work without close supervision and still do your homework. 

These are at our discretion the 10 qualities that make a seller successful. We are sure that there are many more, but in essence, those people who are dedicated to sales activity, whether in service or productive sectors, if they are focused on these qualities, will definitely achieve success.

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