It is no secret that people use the Internet to discover new restaurantsHow to get more clients for your restaurant using free marketing strategies, write reviews, navigate menus and make reservations. Market your restaurant it can be tricky at times in today's digital world. You need creative ideas for restaurant marketingHow to get more clients for your restaurant using free marketing strategies to attract customers and keep them coming back for more!

Before you can dive into marketing to your audience, you need to define who they are! These promoting millennials , the older generation, families with children?

This step is crucial before you can start marketing with your creative marketing ideas on restaurants because without a clearly defined audience it is not possible to build an advertising campaign. The more clearly you can define your target audience, the easier it will be to create content, advertisements, and emails.

For example, if you are a restaurant Marketing for the millennial generation, you'll want to produce content that appeals to them and uses their jargon.

Chipotle ran an ad aimed at its millennial diners who are always finding new ways to pronounce words. It's funny and makes it clear that no matter how you want to pronounce their brand, their food is still delicious.

Chipotle advertisement
Using relatable jargon can help your brand align with your customers and increase your brand awareness. The next time someone is craving a burrito, you can bet this ad will be on their mind.

Creative restaurant marketing ideas

  1. Create social media challenges or contests

Everyone loves to win free stuff and a social media contest is a fun way to promote your brand. Try a gift contest where you ask people to tag their favorite friend!

This can help you gain more followers, increase your brand visibility, and get more customers to review your business. If the winner has never dined with you before, it will give you a chance to taste their restaurant without risks.

  1. Understand how hashtags work

The hashtags They are a great tool to have in your creative marketing ideas box. restaurants. Why are hashtags important to your restaurant? They can help build brand awareness, increase engagement, and get customers through your doors.

Create awareness for your brand it is one of the keys to success. When potential customers see your logo or name restaurant, you want your minds to know immediately:

  • what your company represents
  • what kind of food do you serve
  • where to find you

If your restaurant consistently uses a hashtag, it will encourage your followers to use it as well. This increases engagement and builds a community of clients. Once your hashtag gains popularity, you will start to grow your customer base and bring your online followers through your doors!

Black Sheep is a restaurant that uses popular hashtags in its area, as well as its own branded hashtag. This increases the visibility of their posts and helps them gain more followers.

instagram hashtags
Professional advice - Use niche hashtags combined with popular hashtags. If you only use popular hashtags, your post will get lost in the mix. Use local hashtags to get your posts to appear in your geographic area.

After all, it's more than likely that you're targeting people close to you.

In addition to using niche hashtags, you will want to monitor the number of hashtags you use. Too many can be annoying and decrease commitment just as too few can be ineffective.

  1. User generated content

User-generated content can make your life so much easier! By using the content your followers post, you can save time and money.

92% of people trust other people's recommendations for branded content. People don't like sales content from salespeople; they trust their peers. So use content that average people post to promote your brand.

The best part about this is that you can use their content for free! As a restaurant, you most likely have tons of user-generated content because people love taking and posting photos of their food.

User-generated content is usually an indicator of a trustworthy or trustworthy brand. If other people are promoting your brand, this is basically like they are giving you a great review!

Using your followers' content helps you as a brand connect with people on a human level and be authentic.

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Let's put together these first creative marketing ideas from restaurants.

In 2014, Starbucks wanted to create a new design for its limited edition coffee mug. But they decided that instead of wasting time and money designing, they would turn to their loyal consumers to create one for them! They asked users to submit photos of their mugs with the hashtag #whitecupcontest. The winner would receive $ 300 as well as their cup. Starbucks has combined a contest with user-generated content and a hashtag.
user generated content

The best combination of creative marketing ideas for restaurants!

  1. Focus on local SEO

If you're just going to pick one of these creative marketing ideas from restaurants for your business, it better be this! The SEO local for restaurants it's crucial. If you don't show up when potential customers search your local area, you can't expect to land a lot of business.

Your goal should be to rank in your local package, also known as the top three places on Google map when users search for a specific keyword such as "best pizza." These top three restaurants will receive the most traffic simply because they are the first results the user sees. Creative restaurant marketing ideas may not be enough to get you ranked on local SEO, Here are some tips!
local seo

Get good reviews. Reviews build trust with your potential customers. Encourage people to review your business on Yelp, Google, Facebook, or whatever platforms they prefer. There will inevitably be bad reviews, so make sure you are constantly monitoring comments and reviews so that you can respond to customers who may have had a bad experience at your restaurant.

Google My Business and local listings . Your Google My Business shows customers your address, contact information, and even photos and reviews when you're open. Take your business to local listings. Claim it on Yelp, Foursquare, and any other review site. This will increase your chances of showing up in local search.

Be consistent. Just as it is important to be consistent with your dining and dining experience, you should keep your restaurant name, phone number, and address across all platforms. This includes all social media platforms and any listing where your restaurant appears - even the slightest alteration can confuse customers or search engines.

Update your website! Check that every detail is correct on your site. This will keep both customers and search engines happy.

Search engines are constantly crawling websites to make sure they remain active and relevant. If your site hasn't been touched in years, this could give them a reason to rank lower in search.

As for your customers, it is very important to update your site to reflect your current menu and hours! If a customer comes to your restaurant and it's closed because the hours on your website are wrong, you've just missed a sale and possibly ruined someone's day.

  1. Web design for restaurants.

Having a restaurant web design First category allows you to begin the dining experience before the customer enters your establishment. You can use your website to show diners the atmosphere as well as your drinks and menu items.

You'll want to make sure your site is mobile-friendly too! If someone is hungry, the chances of them taking the time to get their computer out are slim. And they're likely already on the go and will use a smartphone to quickly find a restaurant.

  1. Boost posts or create sponsored ads

In addition to posting on social media, you'll need to create ads or pay to increase your posts.

Platforms like Facebook are "pay to play" sites. Some of your followers may see your post, but to spread the word about your business you need to have an advertising budget. When you pay to advertise your posts, you can choose your target audience, location, and more!

If you choose to push a post, this is simply paying to advertise a post you already have on your Facebook or Instagram page that you think needs more traffic.

An ad is a post that you create with the intention of generating leads, clicks, or conversions.

When you pay for enhanced posts and ads, you'll have access to Insights that can help you grow your business even further.

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Here are some creative restaurant marketing ideas to outshine your competitors on social media!

Show your menu with a video ad. Videos allow you to go deeper than photos and can engage potential customers and make it easier for them to consume information.

Using emerging technology . Target recently launched an ad with a 360-degree image of its store. This allows your customers to interact with your ad, increasing engagement and making the ad experience fun!

Do you have an application? Increase your mobile app user base with app install ads. This encourages users to download your app and use it the next time they order.

Pro tip: Advertising on social media is the cheapest form of advertising there is! If you've ever spent money on a billboard, newspaper, or magazine ad, your social media advertising budget will be nothing compared to these old-school forms of advertising.

  1. Surveillance

Social media monitoring consists of checking your comments on various platforms, checking comments and tagged posts. What are people saying about your restaurant on social media?

You, as a restaurant owner or manager, should double check everything that is tagged in your restaurant or any comments posted. This is important so that you can catch spam comments or correct posts that contain incorrect information.

If you don't have time to monitor the numerous comments and posts from your followers, consider hiring a social media management company to do it for you!

  1. Loyalty program

Having a loyalty program is a great way to increase your sales . One way to start customers on your loyalty program is to get emails from customers.

You can easily do this through a website, a window emerging from landing page or a social media campaign. Loyalty programs encourage customers to keep coming back for that free dessert or coupon.

Firebirds sends emails like this to their clients on a regular basis. They use language like “inner circle” and “$ 10 discount just for you” so that their subscribers feel part of an exclusive club. Through their email campaigns, they offer discounts and coupons for customers to go out to dinner.
creative restaurant marketing ideas

  1. Write a blog

Blog It may seem like the last thing you want to do for your restaurant, but this can be a great way to share recipes, tips and tricks, or to share your restaurant's history. Not to mention, it can help you get found online.

For example, you can tell people how to make their recipes at home, which means they can do it entirely at home. But nothing beats your chefs at home.

You should also be blogging for your local clientele. Tell them about local events you participated in or other activities you have done in the community.

When people read your blog, they spend time on your website. What tells the search engines that your website is relevant and useful. Which leads to your restaurant ranking higher in search results

  1. Use Pinterest to post your food photos

Pinterest allows you to pin photos of your food that you can link to your website or social media platforms. The pins are constantly being pinned and repainted, creating a never-ending marketing cycle for your restaurant.

If you post your best food photos (even if they are not recipes), they will definitely be resubmitted. Make sure your name and brand are attached to your pins. That way, when people discover them, they know exactly where to go to enjoy their dishes!

  1. Email marketing for restaurants

Email Marketing It is an essential marketing tactic that all companies, even restaurants, should use!

You first need to build your list first. Consider a pop-up on your website or landing page to collect emails from customers.

You can even pick them up at your restaurant, but note that you'll have to manually add them to your email API later.

Once you build your list, you can start building email campaigns, as well as automated emails .

If you're thinking “What am I possibly going to email about?” Here are some creative restaurant marketing ideas that you can work on in your email campaigns.

  • Email customers if it changes or send weekly specials
  • Tell them about the events you are having
  • Make an exclusive customer thank you day for subscribers where they get a discount
  • Share the story or history of your restaurant
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Remember, not all emails need to sell your restaurant. Provide your subscribers with content from quality to continue opening their emails and interacting with you.

  1. Working with influencers

Time to access their food market and have them post photos of their food. Influencers are the people who already have a large following who generally listen to your advice and suggestions.

Invite them to come try your restaurant and ask them to post photos or their thoughts on their food for your followers to see. If you can get a food influencer at your restaurant, you can give your competition the edge.

Atladventurer is an account managed by a blogger who works with different restaurants, tastes different foods and reviews them for his followers. Her mouth-watering photos encourage her 50.6k followers to try the restaurants they visit.

If you can get an influencer like this to try out your restaurant, you can take advantage of this massive following and hopefully win some loyal customers!

instagram marketing food influencer

  1. Make Your Food "Insta Worthy"

Many people, especially millennials, go to restaurants just so they can photograph food. If you post beautiful photos on your Instagram page, you can draw on this target market.

Think of something creative that other restaurants haven't done yet. Have a unique food or drink that stands out. Once you have this down, you will need to take an amazing photo.

Need some food photo tips?

Keep alert . When you post photos of your food, they should be clear, clean, and sharp. A low-quality photo lacks professionalism. While a high-quality photo will make your followers and potential customers want to eat at your restaurant.

This first photo is a low quality photo. There is some glare on the plate and the photo is dim and contains some blur. The colors are not attractive and it looks sloppy.

low quality instagram post

This photo is of high quality. It's sharp, bright, clean, and has a level of professionalism that the first photo doesn't have.

high quality instagram food photo

Post unique photos . Don't post the same shot over and over with different dishes. Combine it with close-ups, panoramic shots, or photos of someone eating. The more diverse your photos are, the better you can keep people interested and interested in your content.

Get good lighting . You probably have windows in your restaurant that let in very good light during the day. Find out which ones work best and take photos in front of them! You will be amazed how this natural light can enhance your food photos.

Post content from your followers . Has your restaurant ever been tagged in a great photo of one of your followers? You can republish it on your page! Just remember to give them credit. This makes other people want to come try your restaurant in hopes of reposting your photos as well.

Pro tip: Don't just share photos of your food, be sure to show the atmosphere of the dining room too! This will attract your customers and give them an idea of ​​the atmosphere that you have created in your restaurant.

Now put it all together

One of the most important creative restaurant marketing ideas we can give you is staying flexible! Sometimes the tactics you use may not work. Don't get stuck on an idea. If something doesn't work, change it. There are so many creative restaurant marketing ideas that you can use for your marketing campaigns.

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