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15 typical dishes from around the world that you should try once in your life

15 typical dishes has been published in the digital magazine Matador Network on November 18, 2019. A delight to share with you.

It is clear that the list could be endless but, if there is a dish that you must try if you travel to Spain, it is paella. With rice, seafood and rabbit, this delicacy has its origin in the Valencian Community, but there are now many varieties that, of course, we recommend you try.

Wiener Schnitzel. Austria

This is one of the most recognized dishes of the gastronomy Austrian and it consists of veal scallops coated in flour, egg and breadcrumbs that are fried in the pan. Although it was not invented in Vienna exactly, it is one of the icons of the city, and therefore, one of the dishes that you must try before ending your trip.

Pizza. Italy

If there is an international dish that we can find practically all over the world, it is pizza. Of Italian origin and made with a base of flour, salt, water and yeast that is covered with tomato and various ingredients, it is one of the dishes that you cannot stop tasting in this country. Because, even if there is a pizzeria on every corner of your neighborhood, nowhere does it taste like in Italy!

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Mass. Mexico

More than a dish in itself, mole is a sauce that it makes as an accompaniment and complement to dishes that include meat.

There are many types of mole, and they all have ingredients as varied and even dissimilar as fruits, chili peppers, chocolate and other spices that, together, give a delicious and sophisticated flavor. Here you can read more about the famous typical moles of Oaxaca.

Fish and Chips. UK

If there is a dish in the United Kingdom that you will find in most places, it is fish and chips, a fish and potato fry typical of this part of the world. Simple and tasty!

Tandoori chicken. India

One of the most tasty, colorful and famous recipes in India is tandoori chicken. Chicken, spices and yogurt are some of the main ingredients in this recipe and turmeric, the star ingredient.

Huancaina's style potato. Peru

This typical dish of the Creole gastronomy is one of the classics in any Peruvian table. Potatoes, ground chili, oil and milk are part of its ingredients, in addition to hard-boiled eggs and black olives, ingredients with which they are accompanied on most occasions.

We tested it several times in our trip to Peru and we would return to that country right now, just for a few hours, to have the pleasure of tasting it again.

Bratwurst. Germany

The Bratwurst or German sausage is a traditional dish that few tourists go without trying if we travel through Germany. Depending on the area, they are cooked in one way or another, but in general they are usually accompanied by onion, potatoes and some sauce.

Curanto. chili

Originally from Chiloé and also known as curanto in holeSince it is made in a hole dug in the ground like a campfire, this dish that includes ingredients such as mussels, clams, potatoes and as many types of meat as desired, make this one of the most typical dishes of the country.

Burger. NY. U.S

Although in any corner of the United States we would find thousands of options and recommendations, New York is one of the cities with the most supply and demand for one of its most requested dishes: hamburgers.

Burger Joint, Shake Shack, Mark, Paul's Place or Napkin Burger are just some of the many that you should try. You dare?

Sushi Japan

Although you may initially think that the Raw Fish It is not your thing, to go to Japan and not enjoy this dish of its gastronomy, it is like not having traveled here ...

Nasi Goreng. Indonesia

This typical Indonesian dish of fried rice, which is usually accompanied by chicken, fried egg or satay is one of the most famous dishes in the country and also one of the tastiest.

Spotted rooster. Costa Rica

Typical of the Central Valley of Costa Rica, this is one of the typical dishes that are served in any Tico breakfast worth its salt. With a base of rice and beans, it can be served with bread, custard or scrambled eggs.

Dim sum. China

Originally from Canton, dim sum is a dish that is usually served with tea and can be found in a multitude of variants. In Spain it could be compared with our famous tapas.

Falafel. middle East

This dish, whose origins are still somewhat confused today, resembles a croquette and is made with spicy legumes, generally chickpeas, with garlic, parsley, coriander, cumin and onion, which are then fried. Delicious!  

This article about typical dishes has been updated for the last time on November 18, 2019.

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