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La Cocktail it is the art of creating cocktails. A cocktail on the other hand, is a drink made based on the combination of different components or ingredients. Usually this mixture contains two or more types of drinks, whether alcoholic or not, such as juices, honey, milk, fruits, spices, creams, tonic water, soft drinks, etc.

In shops or local the cocktails are served by personnel expert in their preparation who are known as bartenders (a word derived from the English bartender).

Cocktails boomed in the late eighteenth century in the United States and England, but became widely popular in the 20s in the United States, as the mix of the drink allowed to disguise the taste of little quality of the contraband liquor.

On this occasion we present you a list de 29 books on Cocktails, so that you acquire all the knowledge about it. We have also included books in English and Portuguese, so you can enjoy this topic in any of these languages.

Without further ado, we present this outstanding list of texts on Cocktails.

  1. Cocktails for everyone author José Juan Hernández García | Source: All Resource
  2. Barman Manual author Antonio Fernández | Source: Mala Vida cocktail bar
  3. Bar Manual Author Mutual Association of Barmen and Allies of the Argentine Republic (AMBA) | Source: Mala Vida cocktail bar
  4. The 270 creative drinks + recipes from Latin America author | Source:
  5. Soft drinks in the cocktail bar author | Source:
  6. Beverage preparation and service techniques author Jimmy Rizo | Source: National School of Hospitality
  7. Professional Bartender Guide author Santiago Policastro | Source:
  8. Cocktail bar manual year of liberation 1959 author Herminio Castro | Source: Mala Vida cocktail bar
  9. Introduction to cocktails (presentation) author | Source:
  10. Cocktails (article) author | Source:
  11. Set up a bar. Types of bars, equipment and drinks (presentation) author Carlos Alvarez | Source:
  12. The protagonist's manual. Cocktail techniques Technological author of Matagalpa | Source: Matagalpa Technology
  13. Study of trends in cocktails author Luis Alberto Sarmiento | Source: San Martin de Porres University
  14. Bar Business Magazine author | Source:
  15. Alcoholic beverages in the history of mankind (article) author Julia Muñoz | Source:
  16. Alcoholic Beverages and Vinegars Manual author Yerko Simunovic | Source: Agricultural and Livestock Service
  17. Creation of a menu / menu of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (case study) author Carlos Duran | Source: University College Hotel School of the Venezuelan Andes
  18. Drink recipes author Kocinarte | Source:
  19. Healthy drink recipe (presentation) author Boston Public Health Commission | Source: Boston Public Health Commission
  20. Drinks recipe book author | Source:
  21. Cocktails based on traditional Costa Rican products author National Institute of Learning | Source:
  22. Elaboration and commercialization of cocktails without alcohol (practical case) author Karla Cordova | Source: Higher Polytechnic School of the Littoral



  1. The Giffard Spirit of art book (English) author | Source:
  2. Cocktails Notebook (English) Bordeaux Academy author | Source: Bordeaux Academy
  3. The Seven Pillars of Classic Cocktails (English) author Niko Kosevich | Source: Association Management System
  4. Café Royal Cocktail Book (English) author WJ Tarling | Source: Exposition Universelle des Vins et Spiritueux
  5. Bartender's Manual (English) author Harry Johnsons | Source: Exposition Universelle des Vins et Spiritueux


  1. Os 301 Drinks + Criativos do Brasil (Portuguese) author | Source:
  2. Noções de coquetelaria internacional (Portuguese) author Matheus Wenzel | Source: Federal University of Juiz de Fora

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