37 NEVER to avoid in the service

37 NEVER to avoid in the service

The gastronomic service is a modern art. When customers go to a restaurant They look for two things: social recognition and satisfy a biological need (hunger) and for this they choose a place to be able to satisfy those needs. These clients, if we follow a process mapThey enter hungry and with money and leave satisfied and with less money.

When they decide to invest their money in a whim they expect the best, what they cannot find at home and for this reason, we share 37 NEVER that help to provide a luxury service regardless of the category of your restaurant.

  1. Never leave an ashtray (smoking areas) on the table that contains more than two cigarette butts.
  2. Never serve salads at room temperature, these should be served fresh.
  3. Never serve hot dishes if they are not burning.
  4. Never serve hot dishes in cold containers.
  5. Never serve cold dishes at room temperature.
  6. Never let the phone ring more than 5 times without answering for the reservation service or take out orders.
  7. Never make a customer who wishes to receive the services offered on the phone wait more than 30 seconds on the phone. restaurant.
  8. Never use broken plates or glasses ..., throw them away.
  9. Never use menus stained or broken. ,, throw them away.
  10. Never use scratched glasses ... put them in the light and check them one by one.
  11. Never use stained or dull silverware.
  12. Never serve bread that is not completely fresh.
  13. Never seat customers at tables without giving the letter to each one immediately.
  14. Never leave a customer who has just been installed, more than 3 minutes without returning to take their drink order.
  15. Never make a customer sit at a table that is not perfectly. (straight cutlery, well aligned dishes).
  16. Never give dirty sugar bowls inside, salt and pepper shakers greasy to the touch.
  17. Never fall short with this or that dish without having modified the menu or having warned the customer before he has chosen.
  18. Never serve soda pop. They must have bubbles.
  19. Never start a banquet or buffet late.
  20. Never wait to pick up pieces of paper, glass debris, or fallen food on the floor.
  21. Never leave the service carts on the floor for more than 3 hours in the hallways.
  22. Never open the restaurants or bars too late, and never close too early. Respect the established schedules.
  23. Never serve the customer a dish other than the one they ordered or the one on the menu.
  24. Never forget that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
  25. Never let a customer queue to get a table for breakfast, wait more than 3 minutes without offering them coffee, and serve them when they sit down.
  26. Never let the customer queue to get a table while there are free tables in the room, without explaining why they are being kept waiting.
  27. Never make a customer sit on a chair stained or with traces of crumbs.
  28. Never promise faster service than is possible.
  29. Never serve warm coffee.
  30. Never serve you or coffee at dirty rates.
  31. Never leave a vase with dirty water or withered flowers.
  32. Never put perforated, burned or broken tablecloths.
  33. Never make a customer sit on a lame table or chair.
  34. Never serve a frozen dessert so hard that it cannot be eaten at the time it is served.
  35. Never serve drinks without a snack.
  36. Never present a messy, wet or stained addition.
  37. Never forget that the customer is the only reason for life. Our job is to satisfy all your wishes.
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All restaurants They are different in type of service, decoration, lighting and in many subjects, but all offer the same service (food and beverages), in this industry customers are customers and you have to please them to keep them. Choose to say YES and NEVER avoid these and you will see the results

I am a dreamer and in my dreams I believe that a better world is possible, that no one knows more than anyone, we all learn from everyone. I love gastronomy, numbers, teaching and sharing all the little I know, because by sharing I also learn. "Let's all go together from foundation to success"
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