4 ways to take your cocktail outdoors

Among colorful flowers and pleasant breezes, there is no doubt that it is season of drink outdoor. Now is the time to upgrade your cocktail game with a refreshing warm-weather drink!

Modified Principle of Bend, Oregon, launches its line of frothy, hard tartlets, inspired by craft cocktails and the art of mixology, which is low in sugar, flavored with natural ingredients and comes in three unique flavors: Tahitian Lime Agave , Tarocco Orange Vanilla and Northwest Berry Lavender.

Whether served on the rocks, used to flavor glasses as a blender, or enjoyed straight from the can, Modified Principle's tough bunch is designed to blend in and help friends and family get out there and enjoy this beautiful weather. The key is planning and a little creativity.


Warm weather and picnics go hand in hand for good reason. Call in some of your favorite people, unfold that iconic plaid blanket, and enjoy some connoisseur variety in the park topped off with something uplifting.

While a bottle of wine and a wheel of Brie is the ideally suited platonic, why not go for something a little more unique by packing a fresh fruit salad, some popsicles or cupcakes with skewers, or colored wands and a Modified Theory Mingle pack, which includes Northwest Berry Lavender. For an impromptu brunch, toss with a splash of your favorite Prosecco and garnish with fresh raspberries or blueberries for a unique spring-inspired cocktail.

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The Modified Principle 6 and 12 packs allow for mixing and matching, all in one easy-to-carry container that's even easier to enjoy.

Drive-in / outdoor movie screenings

Warm weather means the return of open-air movies and pop-up drive-ins. Whether you're watching a movie at Los Angeles' Melrose Rooftop Theater or Brooklyn's Greenpoint, Skyline Drive-In, nothing makes the perfect evening more memorable than a sip with a little kick.

Tarocco Orange Vanilla, soft and sweet with a hint of spices, pairs perfectly with a daring rum, or can be enjoyed on ice alone for a perfect aperitif for 'nearby attractions'. The group features naturally sweet Sicilian blood oranges, a blend of warm spices, a slightly fizzy mouthfeel, and a refreshing, tangy aftertaste, which doubles as a delicious bold and unique warm-weather flavor that can be enjoyed from spring screenings. until awards season.

Exploring the great outdoors

For the adventurous and athletic, or just the wild at heart, summer is all about hiking, winding country road trips, or taking a boat on the lake. Why not pack the car with a cold snack and head off into the unknown, stopping en route for drinks and sightseeing. Modified Principle comes in a variety of 6-packs that are low in sugar, so there is something new and delicious for everyone to enjoy and discover. If you're particularly thirsty, mix it up with your favorite soda for a drink that's not only refreshing but easy to carry on the long road ahead.

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Intimate backyard gatherings and barbecues

Get out the tiki torches and show off your backyard space with a casual outdoor gathering. To plan the ideally suited barbecue or evening soiree, why not raise the menu with a Tex Mex theme paired with cider-like Tahitian Lima Agave, featuring authentic spicy Tahitian limes mixed with aji amarillo, contemporary agave and Himalayan sea salt?


If you're feeling bold, mix the group up with some top-notch tequila shots quality and pour into a chilled glass with a ribbon rim and lime juice. This light and refreshing Mmargarita alternative is best served with roasted corn, fries and salsa, and a little summery camaraderie.

This article is sponsored by Modified Principle.

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