5 tips to minimize the impact of the coronavirus

The selector and consultant Linkers and the job offers portal Hosteleo have released five tips that could help restaurants and other establishments to minimize the economic impact of coronavirus. From regularizing staff vacations and controlling the stock of products, to rethinking the functions of each employee and working on communication in times of crisis.

As they explain David basilio, CEO of Hosteleo, and Marianela olivares, CEO of Linkers, with weeks ahead of sale reduced it is time for establishments to take advantage of working on their plans, their empathy and dynamism, and it is time for businessmen to be more analytical and orderly in each of the steps that are taken to overcome this situation.

Take advantage to regularize staff vacations

It is the time to square the holidays and vacations of the staff, so that once this situation happens the establishment be 100% to try to recover your numbers and normality as soon as possible.

Analyze the situation of warehouses and products

Make a detailed inventory, to know in detail what is in warehouses and the quantity of products in order to carry out targeted and suggested sales actions for these possible surpluses. Also, implement more tools of control of stock and merchandise, in order to optimize orders to what is really “coming out” and thus avoid unnecessary accumulation.

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Analyze the functions that each position performs

The time that the crisis lasts will affect consumption and surely leave some residue of change in customer habits, so it is time to analyze the functions performed by each of the positions within the business, in order to optimize the performance of these, in the face of eventualities or changes that may occur.

Prepare a more fluid communication

Offering specific guidelines that help "normalize" this type of situation is essential to minimize damage. For this, the positions of responsibility must have a more fluid communication with the operational positions of the restaurant: informing, answering any doubts that may arise and offering flexibility at this delicate moment. A calm team transmits that same feeling to customers, and this factor is going to be definitive right now.

Adapt marketing to the environment

Sales are going to drop sharply during these weeks, and the team of marketing You should tailor actions to the setting of the facility rather than to scheduled campaigns. It is at these times when customers feel the proximity of establishments that are concerned with offering products adapted to the reality of a community or a community, therefore this level of empathy will be necessary to carry out marketing actions against any pre-programmed campaign, no matter how good it was.

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In these moments, organizing ourselves will be the first strategy to face this virus crown monster. Unfortunately, many of our restaurants They are being closed, many of them will not return to the market, but others will. So take advantage of this moment when you are at home to plot your triumph strategy, like in war
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