5 new technologies that revolutionize restaurants

5 new technologies that revolutionize restaurants

There is no doubt that the technology It has upset all professional sectors, and hospitality is no less. From the kitchen to the tables, passing by the business managementconstantly appear new digital solutions to make you carry a restaurant be easier and more profitable and the customer experience improves constantly.

This technological avalanche is completely revolutionizing the business of restaurants and from the website of OpenTablethe world's leading booking platform for restaurants In Internet, They share with us some of the most disruptive advances in the hospitality sector:

Cards with augmented reality, tablets and interactive tables. 

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The moment when diners order their dishes is one of the parts of the hospitality business where technology has been used most thoroughly. The solutions to make the experience as complete as possible are already numerous: interactive tables where customers can see and touch the menu, tablets where they can directly place their order without the need for a waiter to serve them and now we will even start to see 'more frequently augmented reality cards to see the dishes in 3D thanks to the smartphone or virtual glasses. In this way, the visualization of the dishes produces more desire to eat.

Automated kitchens: there are already some restaurants in which the dishes are prepared by machines in full view of customers. Beyond the controversy involved in substituting robots for human work, technology can help gastronomy with the most mechanical tasks to leave chefs the most creative and complex part. Taking automation to the next level is what already 'restaurants robot', in which the entire customer experience on the premises is carried out without human presence.

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Wireless chargers for mobiles (sometimes integrated in the tables themselves): few diners never use the smartphone while eating in a restaurant and the batteries suffer. Beyond chargers, little by little, devices arrive that allow customers to avoid having to move with cables to charge your phones quickly and comfortably. A simple technological advance that offers great added value for restaurateurs

Technology for customization of reservations. The experience of a diner in a restaurant does not begin with sitting at the table, but at the same moment that he chooses where he is going to eat and reserves his table. New technologies increasingly allow, on the one hand, the restorer knows every detail of the preferences of your customers and measure all aspects of your business thanks to Big Data, and on the other, that the diner can fully customize their experience.

This is the case of some online booking platforms of restaurants, which even allow us to choose where we want to sit in some places when we take a table, like OpenTable, and softwares of management of the hospitality business for control every detail (clientele, staff, inventory ...) even remotely

Mobile payment and even with the face: mobile payments represent a trend already well established in the restaurant industry. In the United States, many hospitality businesses in large cities accept this type of payment with total normality, a method that provides security and innovation. Some more daring restaurants have gone further and have terminals capable of scan face of the client to make the payment of their orders thanks to facial recognition, which allows the diner to forget about the cash, the t or smart phones.

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We have always talked about future, that one day would come, the truth is that we have been seeing it, although intermittently, but it is already there. What other technologies do you know? Let us know and we will evaluate them together

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