6 reasons why Instagram is effective for restaurant marketing

An image is worth a thousand words, but its value can rise to as many as millions in today's digital advertising and marketing arena. Most companies today from all industries under the sun have a digital presence on the web, and forever. With the increase of the virtual room of the people, the companies of today are also increasing their sales online, through the virtual window. Also in the culinary business, the marketing of restaurants it has become the buzzword.

Understand the marketing of restaurants in the digital age.

Instagram is the new favorite of restaurants when it comes to tempting the audience with a gastronomic treat for the eyes. It is the most basic psychology of human nature to be drawn to foods that are placed on plates in the most elegant way. Fantastic images also have the power to influence others, which therefore works as one of the marketing ideas of restaurants more creative.

Did you know ?: Pizza is Instagram's most popular food, with sushi and chicken second and third respectively.

Marketing ideas and trends restaurants

You have a restaurant? So why trust only your audience's social media mentions when you can reach them directly with jaw-dropping images (and videos) of culinary wonders? In the era, where each and every social platform has a place for business, why play from behind? Here is the knowledge you've been looking for about restaurant marketing in today's competitive times.

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1. make friends with food bloggers

Food bloggers are the new kids on the block. With your deft ability to brag about the essential details of the dishes you like from your favorite restaurants, you can expect to get the best returns on your words for your business. Get an enormous amount of benefits from your style by also exposing your brand restaurant. What do they just need? A plate or two of the best creation of your kitchen. Look for those with around 20,000 to 50,000 followers on Instagram.

2. Never say no to take photos

Many restaurants deny their audiences taking pictures of the food, decor, and other specialties of the restaurant. This is bad; because risking the interest of the audience is the biggest mistake that the owner of a restaurant can commit in the difficult race. Allow them to click, edit and share the sparkles on their Instagram profiles with the required hashtag and geotag. And what is more? You can run small contests to offer participants the most lucrative gift for their unrivaled contribution to extending their digital printing.

3. Introduce newbies to Instagram

Did you make a new drink? Cooked a new dish? Do you want to spread the word quickly? Then Instagram will be at your rescue. Click on the most lucrative pictures or videos of your new found wonders or fresh beers and post them on Instagram. With XNUMX billion monthly active users, restaurant Instagram campaigns are aimed at getting the desired results.

4. Use Restaurant Hashtags

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Restaurant marketing is very incomplete with Instagram and the latter is incomplete without a hashtag. make your restaurant You can search by tagging your posts with hashtags which in turn will increase your search results. You can also add the most used or existing hashtags for generic names.


Some favorite food hashtags that Instagram has:

# Foodie (47 million)
# Foodporn (104 million)
# Foodgasm (21 million)
# Food (195 million)

Using these hashtags will definitely give your post the required reach to display on the screens of millions of target audiences.

5. Rewriting is good practice

Regramming is the concept of republishing a previously featured image or video and it goes without saying that it fits in amazingly as one of the best social media strategies for restaurant owners. You can do it with the help of social media tools like reprogramming software, or you can also do it manually.

6. Interact with clients

Interact with your clients and never skip it. It is a general rule of thumb for any restaurant marketing strategy both online and offline. It is not always possible to respond instantly, but frequent conversation with the public implies your dedication to valuable customer service, reflecting a positive image for your restaurant.


Today, everyone has the ability to become a self-proclaimed food blogger (no offense). By clicking on the images of the well adorned plate from an "exclusive" angle filtered through varied effects and published with innum

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