How to bone a chicken

Cooking a whole chicken can sometimes be tricky. For the meat to cook evenly, you must cut the chicken so that it is flat. This method is known as “gapchcocking” and pTo do it, all you need is: the chicken or bird to be boned, a Tabla cut, un knife or scissors kitchen y follow the instructions below. 

Step-by-step instructions on how to bone a chicken

1) Lay the chicken breast-side down with the legs facing you. Locate the spine that runs directly through the middle.

bone a chicken2) Start cutting along one side of the spine over the entire length of the chicken. Do the same on the other side to completely remove the spine. You can discard the spine or preserve it to make a delicious homemade chicken broth.

how to spatchcock a chicken step 23) Make a 1/2 ”cut through the cartilage in front of the keel bone.

how to spatchcock a chicken step 34) Open the skin around the keel bone by folding the chicken out. The keel bone is another name for the sternum and is located on the front of the bird, facing the spine.

how to spatchcock a chicken step 45) Remove the keel bone by breaking the delicate skin on each side with your finger and removing it.

how to spatchcock a chicken step 56) Flip the chicken. It should now be fairly flat.

how to spatchcock a chicken step 67) Put the wings under the breasts.

how to spatchcock a chicken step 7

You already have boneless chicken ready for roasting or another cooking technique you want to use.

In this video, courtesy of Webstauranstore They show you each of the previous steps.

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bone a chicken
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