78 healthy desserts that help you burn abdominal fat?

Desserts that add value to the service

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Sure, you can lose weight by following a strict diet, but research claims that you'll earn it again (maybe even more). Read this page and find out how you can be indulgent with delicious desserts like the ones in the pictures above, but they will help you lose weight Y a don't get it back much better than a proprietary diet ... not to mention that you will also have much more flavor and fun!
In fact, see with your own eyes the difference in nutrition between a typical "healthy" dessert and one of the recipes of the Angel of Desserts:
Healthy Desserts Comparison
dessertsRecent studies show that eating desserts regularly helps you lose weight:

In the study, the researchers divided 29 girls into 2 groups: in Group A they ate the dessert of their choice once a week, and in Group B they ate desserts 4 days a week.
At the end of 3 months, the group that ate desserts 4 times a week:

  • Lost more weight
  • Lower your blood pressure to a greater extent (at maximum value)
  • Had a better fasting insulin level (the lower your fasting insulin level, the more fat your body BURNS)
  • He had better levels of a hormone called leptin, which suppresses appetite and plays a large role in burning body fat.

NOTE: Just so you're sure I'm not making this up, this is a link to study, so you can read it with your own eyes.

The evidence is clear - eating desserts regularly is much more effective in losing weight (and keeping it off) than eating desserts only once a week.

The Heavenly Recipe Guide
Of the Angel of Desserts
The Angel of desserts

It is a collection of the best healthy dessert recipes that will help you satisfy your cravings without sabotaging your diet.

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Inside you will find 78 delicious and healthy desserts in 8 different sections:

Healthy Desserts in the Guide
These are pictures of the real fat burning desserts that you will enjoy very soon!

Here are some other statistics that might interest you:

  • 62 of the recipes are 100% gluten free
  • 38 are considered vegan (dairy and egg free)
  • 20 are low in carbohydrates (less than 10 grams of NET carbohydrates per serving)
  • 29 are nut and nut free (in case you want to give them to your kids as a snack for lunch)

No matter what your preferences dietary, there are enough desserts decadent in this guide so you can come back for another one. And more. AND MORE!

If you own a restaurant and you want to add value to your desserts click here

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