Opening a restaurant: issues to consider

Open a restaurant

To open a restaurantBefore and during its opening, certain aspects such as the following must be analyzed:

  • Design of the menus food, drinks and wine.
  • Distribution of the place.
  • Contacting providers.
  • The purchase of furniture.
  • Order inventories and supplies.
  • How the staff will be organized.
  • What will be the service techniques to be used: this can be French, Russian, Italian, American or the fusion service, which is a mixture of various techniques.

It is highly recommended to work in a business like this before, before starting yours. In this way you will gain experience and know how to handle it later.

Employee recruitment

Selection, hiring, is very important training and development of talents of the personnel that will work in the business, therefore a human resources program must be carried out, which determines:

  • The description of each job, which shows a general idea of ​​the services and responsibilities of each person.
  • Special skills of staff or any training previously received.
  • The salary scale, for which it is advisable to be informed of the salary rates in your area.
  • The employee must fill out a job application, even if they have submitted their CV or are someone they know. The application will also help you verify your resumes; comparing them and making sure the information matches.


Make sure that the basis of your marketing program is to give unforgettable experiences and gastronomic sensations to your clients, who wish to repeat and give guidelines to the recommendation of the place to other people.

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Be sure to ask each new customer how they found out about your business and take that information into account, since they will know how well your different marketing efforts are working and then decide to increase certain programs and eliminate those that are not working.

Society is constantly changing, and part of it is its customers, therefore, marketing strategies must also change.

Regularly check every element of your facility, from parking, interior decoration of place, printed items of your restaurant; to make sure they are reflecting the message you want to give your business.

Don't stop promoting your restaurant, even when it is succeeding; constant promotion will make it stronger.

An easy way to promote your business gastronomic service is by giving vouchers or coupons through local radio and television stations; With this, in addition to getting the company name and location to be announced several times, it has the possibility of winning other clients. Make sure each coupon or voucher clearly identifies your company name, location, hours you are open, and any restrictions on the prize.

Other promotional methods can be:

  • Participation in local events.
  • Sponsorship of sports teams.
  • Discount coupons
  • Gift of letters to your most frequent clients.

Income management and billing restaurant

If you manage credit extension to your clients, you must establish and follow reasonable billing procedures.

Coordinate your billing system with the payment methods of your clients.

If you choose to design your own invoices and account statements, make sure they are clear and easy to understand, since an invoice that is not understood takes longer to pay.

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Also use your invoices as a marketing tool. In it mention your offers, new services or other information that encourages your customers to use more of their services; When sending it, add brochures to it.

Operations manual

It is very useful for a company to collect all the processes,, standards and systems implemented, in a guide; Because in this document all the work that has given good results and that will certainly serve as a basis, to facilitate the growth and successful expansion of the restaurant.

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