Quantitative analysis of the Supply-Demand relationship in the management of the Restaurant "Back down"

La Tesis that is presented below has been developed as part of the final exercise of culmination of studies to obtain the degree of Bachelor of Tourism by Jose Ernesto Fernandez Gil. To download it completely you can do it by clicking HERE

This work is carried out in the restaurant "Vuelta Abajo" of the "Conde de Villanueva" hotel of the Habaguanex Company, addressing the Insights quantitative in the supply-demand relationship, in order to know mainly the stability of the dishes present in the menu-menu, due to the instability in sales that have been observed in some of them.

Some of the quantitative methods that are applied in relation to supply-demand, explaining the benefits of the same, although two techniques were selected, the Engineering of Menu and Analysis Effectiveness or Analysis Margin-Cost.
Menu Engineering was applied to four groups of dishes: Starters, Main Dishes, Garnish and Desserts. The results were categorized according to the popularity and benefits indexes, highlighting the actions that could be undertaken for their maintenance or not on the menu.
El Insights effectiveness or margin-cost analysis was also applied to all groups to show the degree of complementarity that other techniques can facilitate and thus provide compatible solutions.
To carry out the work, it was necessary to study bibliographic material on the subject addressed, both physically and digitally, the data obtained through the experiment carried out in the application of Menu Engineering and that are compatible with the application of other techniques. Other diploma and thesis papers, articles and books were also consulted, some of them not used as a reference in the text of the diploma paper. For the analysis of the data, the EXCEL Worksheet was used to prepare tables and graphs on the results achieved.
Keywords: Restoration, supply-demand analysis, menu engineering and Prices

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