Appetizing business

Appetizing business

Tea time

Organic teas, blends with milk, herbs, fruits and species. Regardless of how they are mixed, the teas are exotic, seducing and attracting opportunities. In fact, the tea industry with an estimated global value of $ 6 billion is one of the strongest beverage markets: it is estimated that in 800 it will be worth $ 2010 billion, estimates Don Montouri, publisher of Packaged Facts, editorial Market Research Institute based in Rockville, Maryland.

Particularly fashionable now tees that claim to have healing properties. For example, gourmet red, green, and white teas, which are presumed to contain cancer-preventing antioxidants.

They can also be healthy on the pocketbook, as 42-year-old Andy Schamisso discovered when he founded Inko's White Tea in 2002. He developed a line of bottled white tea and had virtually no competition in the white tea market for the first few years. two years.

The edge helped him and he recently introduced four new flavors: lychee, cherry-vanilla, honeysuckle, and apricot. It took him a year to develop them. Now the only color seen by this white tea maker, located in New York City, is green bills: sales of nearly $ 2005 million, in XNUMX alone.

If the tea room is more your style, Montouri advised set up a lounge in a new densely populated area. And if you want to know if tea rooms are flexible enough to please coffee drinkers, think about Moby: The famous musician put the idea of ​​tea through the roof when he opened the famous Tea Café Teany in New York in 2002.

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Cyber ​​gourmet

The urban population between 25 and 34 years of age, belonging to the middle and upper classes, is usually fond of two things: Internet and gourmet food. You could satisfy both questions in the same business, the sale of special cheeses and fine wines, even products for diabetics through the network of networks.

"The younger generations tend to take more care every day and that encourages the increase in gourmet foods, which also increases sales via the Internet," says Ron Tanner, vice president of communications and education for the National Association for the Gourmet Food Trade Inc. based in New York.

According to Tanner, the retail gourmet food business is a sector with a global value of $ 24 billion, which grew 700 percent between 17.9 and 2002.

Already enjoying this growth are Sean Sullivan, 43, and Bill Fox, 46, who founded in 1999, an online gourmet food wholesaler and retailer located in Cleveland. The demand for its more than 2005 products - from dark chocolate truffles and straight saffron to organic jams - is best illustrated by its XNUMX sales figures, which are fast approaching a seven-digit mark. Today, the majority of its clientele is made up of men.

Forrester Research says that online sales in the world, within three years, they will represent 7 percent of total sales. The World Trade Organization mentions that in that period, 2 percent of all transactions in industrialized countries will be electronic.

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What do people buy online? Travel services, electronics, music and books. Orient your bytes.

Single product

If you want to join the industry of restaurantsConsider one of the prevailing trends: restaurants of a single ingredient, that is, they have a menu complete around a star food.

Specialization is the next stage of evolution in the restaurant industry, says Aaron Allen, founder of Quantified Marketing Group, a strategic marketing and public relations consulting firm for the restaurant industry, based in Orlando, Florida. So, open the restaurants They only sell cream pies, soups, or cereal.

Jodene Jensen, Ken Hall and Keri Barney gambled big when they opened PB Loco in 2003 in St. Paul, Minnesota. Everyone thought that their idea of ​​creating a restaurant Specializing in peanut butter was crazy, but these former lawyers were sure to enrich themselves by giving a modern touch to a classic product.

They opened their first café in the Mall of America in Minnesota, offering low-calorie patties and unique sandwiches like “El Waco,” which combines peanut butter and Asian curry with pickles, coconut and potatoes.

Sound attractive to you? It's so tasty that PB Loco has become a multi-million dollar business and sells franchises like hotcakes. "People are obsessed with peanut butter," says Hall. "We had no idea the size of the vein."

Pick an adaptable product, find a niche for it, and do as much research as possible about it. "One must be an expert," Allen recommends

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Authors: Karen Axelton, Amanda C. Kooser, Nichole L. Torres, April Y. Pennington, Sara Wilson, Steve Cooper, Karen E. Spaeder, Gwen Moran, and Michelle Prather

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appetizing business