The restaurant manager. Art and figure

Like much of the book to which I give the finishing touches, one of its chapters is aimed at administrators of restaurantsAs it is a text with content for those who work in this activity, nothing is more important than defining what an administrator should be like.

Our experience has allowed us to experience that, many times, our own organizations Restauranteras advocate that whoever runs the establishment is a person with a broad technical domain or skills specific to the activity. It is true that the more you know how the service should be offered, the better it will be. However, there are other competencies and / or skills that must be part of a manager; especially those related to the process of management and that many times they are not taken into account when assigning a managerial task in this sector and that they lead to failure.

On other occasions it has already been stated that the restaurant is an And the first thing your administrator should know how to do is interpret the internal and external relationships that the organization establishes with its customers, suppliers, staff and the community. Hence, it is said that one of the responsibilities of this director is to understand that the organization in which he operates is a system and that he lives from the environment that surrounds him and the better it serves him, the faster his consolidation and growth will be.
In this respect the restaurant manager you must be able to understand the reasons that motivate the different behaviors of the groups and organizations with which you interact, know the structure of your organization; study and identify each of the new events or situations that affect the company and that range from the entry to the market of new competitors and / or products, to the development of technologies that exert an influence on the different work processes.
Know how to manage resources which he has also becomes a competence of this professional and for this he must identify the different problems that are forged, know how to break them down into parts and analyze them; recognize relevant information that contributes to making strategic and understand the cause-effect relationships of these, coordinating the available resources and assuring those that it does not have from the establishment of priorities.
You must be able to plan, effectively setting the different goals and establishing the actions, deadlines and resources necessary to achieve and fulfill them; organize work and manage time appropriately; Likewise, undertake the information monitoring resources to them.
The operation of the service activity itself demands that it be able to manage and / or rectify the actions implemented as a result of planning and that they will be governed by the ability it has to modify the work guidelines when difficulties or changes arise, channeling them towards the established objectives.
He must know control, designing the different structures and procedures that guarantee that each one of the works contributes to the established objectives and verifying the accuracy, quality and reliability of the information that it processes from the systematic monitoring of the different tasks to apply or suggest corrective actions when require.
In order to improve the quality of services and the safety and efficiency in each of the operations, the administrator of restaurants You must act with a sense of opportunity to modify or promote changes in the different processes in order to exceed performance standards, using indicators that allow you to measure and compare the results obtained.
Detect in advance the opportunities and threats of the environment, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the organization to give a better response to the market and the consequence of the changes that may occur, anticipating and preparing all possible alternatives.
But although the manager is capable of channeling the organization towards the achievement of the proposed objectives and goals, leading it to success; In this sector, the conjugation of these competences and skills precisely because of the characteristics in which this type of business operates, requires teamwork, beginning by achieving an understanding in the community of what is wanted and engaging them in each and every one of them. they sharing information and putting team goals before personal goals.
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