The planning of menu eIt's a process that takes into account two aspects:
First: The type of installation and service it provides
Second: The products and resources available from the installation
This aspect includes the characteristics of the establishment, the equipment and supplies it has, and also the technical qualification of the personnel working in the production and service of food.

The products
To define the products to be served in the establishment, it must be taken into account: eating habits, preferences and nutritional needs of diners, and also that the type, color, texture, flavor and nutritional value of the foods to be offered harmoniously combine, so that a varied menu is obtained.
In general, in order to carry out the menu planning process in any establishment, we must take into account the following factors:
§ Demand for dishes by diners
§ Available raw materials
§ Facilities and equipment that the establishment has.
§ Staff knowledge and skills
§ The correspondence of the Prices with the quality and quantity of the products provided.
The one who plans the menu, it must have, among others, the following characteristics:
§ Knowledge of preferences from the diners and from the food that is available.
§ Complacency of the tastes of the diners and not of the own tastes.
§ Ability to employ equipment and personnel.
§ Taste for working with food and preparing recipes.
§ Please diners. If this objective is not fulfilled, all the others stop making sense.
§ To satisfy as much as possible the nutritional needs of diners, according to their requirements and / or the activity they carry out.
§ Stay within budget limits.
§ Establish the bases for carrying out other activities such as: determining the raw materials to be purchased, the technical personnel required, etc.
§ Yes, control the quantities of raw materials
§ For the safety of culinary staff, so that they know exactly what to prepare.
§ To satisfy diners, since if the amounts are not uniform, diners will not be satisfied and will make complaints.
Train culinary personnel in: Use of recipes and Proper use of equipment and utensils

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