BakerStone Box, a barbecue pizza oven

Barbecue oven
Today we know BakerStone Box, a barbecue pizza oven. Its installation is very simple, just place it on the grill and let it heat, and then cook pizzas, breads, meats, fish ...

We have known different designs of ovens created in order to make homemade pizzas as similar as possible to those made in a pizzeria with a wood oven, for example the wood oven for pizzas without installation or oven for gas cooker. Today we know BakerStone Box, a Pizza oven that works on the barbecue.

This oven was designed by Tim Case, who defines it as the largest and fastest brother of a pizza stone, since it is a refractory cooking chamber with an external deflector that captures and redirects heat. It is a stone box capable of collecting and transmitting the heat necessary to produce a crispy crust and the desired browning on top of a pizza. Although many other foods can be cooked in this oven.

Tim Case presented his idea through a platform of crowdfounding, where he got financing about two years ago. And the barbecue oven It is available in stores in the United States and Canada, as well as in various online stores, being its price of about 100 euros to change.

BakerStone Box, which is pending to obtain the patent, is very easy to use, it installs in a few seconds, since it is simply a matter of placing the box on the barbecue grill and it seems that in less than five minutes you can bake a pizza (without count the preheating time of the oven), although everything will depend on the performance of the barbecue and the climatic conditions, among other things.

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In addition to pizzas, this oven can cook all kinds of food, the breads will come with a good crust, you can also introduce grills or pans to cook meat, fish, vegetables ...
If you want to know more details about its characteristics and use, you can access the web BakerStone, where you will also find some videos, including the making of the pizzas. What do you think of this oven for cooking on the barbecue? Does it have a place on yours?

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