Recycled paper kitchen tiles

01_jpg4e03ce7903774It seems surprising that kitchen tiles can be made from used paper that can compete at the same level against any other stone or ceramic tile.

This project, designed by Key, shows a kitchen island type covered almost entirely in small tiles in different shades of brown, gray, blue and black. This material made of 100% recycled paper, free of petroleum and composed of natural pigments and environmentally friendly resins, shows that a material as vulnerable as a sheet of paper can be used to achieve a firm and resistant element. , capable of being preserved for years and also with an important aesthetic component.
It is a PaperStone brand tile, a LEED certified product, gives an excellent finish, is firm and resistant to moisture and cuts, the edges are rounded, which broadens the variety of uses and finishes. Material that is adapted to the needs of today, such as respect for the environment, durability and good design.


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