Public and private international tourism organizations can be defined as the set of members - individual and collective - that associate, group, integrate or add voluntarily at the supra-state and international level, above the borders of the States, and that adopt a permanent organic structure, having its own competences whose objectives are aimed at carrying out an activity directly or indirectly linked to tourism

From the previous definition it can be extracted which members can be part of the international tourist relations
sovereign states
sovereign states and private associations
private associations and institutions
private companies
the citizens
From the above definition, the following characteristics and functions of international tourism organizations can also be highlighted
Internationality or interstate and suprastate character
Permanent organic structure
Own competence
Institutionalized cooperation between its members
When speaking "international organization" it is done in a double sense. Thus, two types of organizations are included:
a) intergovernmental tourism organizations
b) non-governmental tourism organizations
International governmental and non-governmental tourism organizations can be divided into the following areas:
a) Geographical scope
b) Institutional scope
c) Sector or competence scope
d) Economic and commercial scope
e) Scope of cooperation for world tourism development
f) Scope in terms of profit
International tourism organizations, institutions and associations
As a consequence of the global and international dimension of tourism, there are numerous organizations - governmental or non-governmental -, business associations and professional associations related to tourism activity.
OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization)
IATA (International Air Transport Association)
UFTAA (Union of Federations of AAVV Associations)
AIEST (International Association of Scientific Tourism Experts)
AECIT (Spanish Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism)
WTTC (World Travel and Tourism Council)
UNWTO (World Tourism Organization)
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