Keys to serving wine

There are many types of wines

Surely many times some doubts have arisen when serving a glass of wine. The cause of the problem is that there is a wide range of varieties (sparkling, white, rosé, red, champagne, sweet ...) but depending on the selection, it will be better to take it more or less cold, in a flute or burgundy glass, or serve less quantity to avoid losing temperature.

So you don't have problems, we highlight five factors to take into account to enjoy a good wine.

Wine temperature

Appreciating a wine in its maximum splendor depends largely on the temperature. If we cool a white wine a lot, we will not find those nuances of fresh fruit or flowers. If you choose a rosé, a cava or a red crianza, keep in mind these temperatures:

  • Cava, champagne and sparkling: 7 degrees
  • White wine: 8 degrees
  • White wine in barrel: 10 degrees
  • Young red wine: 10 degrees
  • Aging red wine: 12 degrees
  • Red wine reserve and gran reserva: 16 degrees

* The temperatures are approximate and will depend a lot on where the wine is consumed, since it is not the same in London as in Ibiza in the middle of summer.



To open a bottle of wine, we must cut the capsule, gently clean to remove all the dust and open with a regular corkscrew. If they are older wines, you have to pay more attention, since the cork can break. For this, there are sheet corkscrews that are inserted through the sides, preventing them from breaking.

Another point to consider is the oxygenation of the wine. This means that the more tiempo The wine has been in the barrel, the longer we must leave it uncovered, without cork, in order to drink and savor all its aromas. For this, uncork the bottle and leave it for a few minutes. You can also transfer the wine to a decanter jar to shorten the process.

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Wine glasses

A very important point is the cups. If the content is good but the content is bad, the result will be negative. Pay close attention when buying a good glass: fine, transparent and smooth glass; tall stem; bulging and resistant.

Sparkling wines should be served in glasses called flutes, tall, thin, with a small bottom and conical so it does not lose fizz and aroma.

White and red wine can be served in the same glass, although if the wine is old, the recommended is a large and wide glass so that it opens in the glass.

If you are thinking of a collection of glasses, we recommend the range Chef & Sommelier Sequence, the collection used in the restaurant three Michelin stars, Aponiente.


Here it is very clear. Sparkling, white and rosé wines should be served little by little so that they do not heat up in the glass. Meanwhile in Reds can be served a little more liquid, since the temperature is higher.


Ice bucket and cooler sleeve

Once the wine is served, we will proceed to preserve it at the service temperature mentioned above. Thus, get a bucket to cool them with water and ice or also with a cooler sleeve.

And if there is wine, there are vacuum pumps to remove the air and thus conserve all its qualities. Although it is true that this option is not usually common because the wine is finished.


Source: The gourmet Journal

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