Change and distribution of lingerie in the restaurant (2021)

The power of lingerie in the restaurant

La table It is the place where the client will spend most of the time in your restaurant. Therefore you must take care of all the details of it, since the appearance of the table has a great effect on the expectation of the diner and your enjoyment of the food. Know the correct one table mounting a restaurant it is basic and essential.

La arrangement of a table it can be the key to success or failure. It is one of the first things that the client will see when they arrive at your establishment, and therefore it is essential to create a positive first impression, which allows you to enjoy the food with the utmost satisfaction.

In the Gastronomic Services dossier, which will be available very soon and where several specific topics are addressed for this activity, we address the procedure for the change and distribution of the lingerie in the restaurant that we share with you today.

The first thing is to dress the table with a mantle and tablecloth. Place them in such a way that there are no wrinkles and they are as centered as possible. It is advised that the tablecloth color be it white or failing that, a light tone to verify its cleanliness as well as to make the food stand out more.

The Napkins Iran matching the tablecloth. You should place them on top of the plate or to the left of the first fork, and although there are different opinions, you should avoid putting them inside the glasses. Roll them up in a cylindrical shape and place them original napkin rings. It is also fashionable to form figures and place them in the center of the plate.

Collection of used lingerie

The operation of collecting the Lingerie takes place after daily service. All covers and tablecloths should be removed, and any stained fleeces (the fleeces are not changed daily).

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The following operations are then carried out:

Napkin collection; they are taken in stacks of ten, knotting them around one corner. This operation must be carried out in the office, or on a dining room table, when it is empty.

Collection of tablecloth covers; All the dining room covers are put together with those that may be in the office because they have been removed during the service, they are slightly folded to be able to classify and count them easily.

In the restaurants of high level, the lingerie that remains on the tables and that has had dishes on it is collected one by one folding it by the folds it had of the lingerie and finishing the folding in a triangle in order to distinguish it from the tablecloths and covers that are freshly ironed that come of lingerie. These parts are reused on certain occasions, if necessary.

Tablecloths collection; proceed in the same way as the previous one with the rpiece counting; collect the rest of the covers and tablecloths from the sideboards and the buffet, the stones, cloths, grids, chamois, etc. Everything is counted by type and noted on a voucher for lingerie, which must deliver the same number of pieces that it receives, clean. If not, the lingerie must fill out a voucher for the difference to withdraw what is missing at another time. The dirty lingerie is usually transported in a cart, or by making a package with the larger tablecloth.

Change and distribution of lingerie

Once the linen has been changed, it is taken to the dining room on plastic or wicker trays. A cover and a tablecloth of an appropriate size for the table are placed on each table. The leftover lingerie is deposited on the sideboard or in the room designated for it in order to be able to dispose of it at any time.

The napkins are kept in the sideboard until it is time to place them on the table. Then, they begin to put the covers of the sideboards and the spare tablecloths, covers, napkins, stones, cloths, etc., that are going to be used, are stored in them orderly. Finally, the necessary tablecloths are left on the buffet to dress it. This is where this distribution operation ends.

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