Beers served by 'drones'

An American brewing company based in the state of Minnesota, Lakemaid beer, has been serving beer orders to its customers - mostly isolated fishermen in the middle of a nearby frozen lake - using a curious work: The drones or drones.
The establishment considered that it could be a good claim and would offer a practical service to those who were practicing fishing miles away from the nearest inhabited town and with this idea it has been making its beer deliveries for this novel work. Until the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the American Aviation Agency found out about the operation and, considering that the idea could be funny but violated all kinds of codes, forced to cut the supply.
As reported by the USA edition of Huffington Post, the company released the new service last week through a video on YouTube, indicating that just by giving the coordinates on the map, the drone He was able to locate and deliver the beers to any customer, no matter how isolated and lost his cabin was on Minnesota's huge frozen lake.
Although those responsible for Lakemaid Beer claim that its drones never flew above 400 feet (122 meters) - the maximum height currently set by the FAA -, it seems that the US Aviation Agency does not plan to regulate the uses of drones for commercial purposes until 2015.
Article published on February 01, 2014
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