How do you eat in the world?

Written by Ana Roquero

Perhaps my traveling concern as a child led me to propose ideas about tables designed to accommodate diversity and miscegenation. Oriental elements such as bowls and small-format dishes, finished in gold and silver, have been suggesting in my dishes designed to menus where the color table, sauces, and condiments are shared and enjoyed, where each flavor, each dish takes its place and has its importance.

I have always been fascinated by the neat and scrupulous little boxes on Japanese tables where color and size are a fundamental part of the composition of the dish., or the hundreds of Lebanese metal dishes with powerful flavors that compete with each other, or the Mexican tortillas in dishes with artisan color drawings accompanied by mini bowls in a thousand and one sauces ordered by their degree of spiciness.

Tableware is essential in a restaurant.Tableware is essential in a restaurant.

But upon landing In Europe we find boring tables with the unique large-format plate to accommodate our menus functional; proteins, vegetables and carbohydrates together to satisfy at once our needs, that monkey menu English and German all in one to finish quickly and collect quickly, who has not suffered it.

Let's enjoy our tables with dishes that inspire us, that help us create moments of emotion, try new compositions, decorations with flowers and fruits in main dishes of different sizes so that each meal, each sauce, each garnish find their place in their universe.

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And my interest in knowing this great diversity led me to carry out a deep study and Insights to know closely the supports where the world eats. What ambition, it really overwhelms to be able to define universality, but here goes the study, there will be someone who finds it useful or just curious to know that in five different supports eats the world.

worldworldworldworldworldThis reflection led me to the design of the fourth Cookplay collection, The Tablet is a universal support, its proportions and measurements respond as its name indicates to a new format introduced in our day to day and whose aesthetics and dimension are so familiar and everyday.

The Tablet is my personal tribute to Steve Jobs, a 20 x 25 cm tablet that is made ductile and sinuous by drawing a dune landscape with three bas-reliefs to accommodate each meal.

The Pot, The Nest and The Ball, the new Cook Play collectionThe Pot, The Nest and The Ball, the new proposals of Cook Play

The Pot, The Nest and The Ball are volumes designed to fulfill their function; main course, garnish and sauces, with an exquisite and demanding formal development, adapted to the hand, the form follows function, embellishes it and elevates it to an artistic object, providing magic and emotion.

I am a dreamer and in my dreams I believe that a better world is possible, that no one knows more than anyone, we all learn from everyone. I love gastronomy, numbers, teaching and sharing all the little I know, because by sharing I also learn. "Let's all go together from foundation to success"
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