Tips for restaurant success

Among the people who invest in a restaurantrestaurantFew are concerned with objectively ascertaining tastes and preferences of your leads as well as new trends gastronomic restaurantamong certain population groups. Nor do they carefully analyze the direct and indirect competition they might face such as restaurants with similar menus and others with different gastronomic options.

Having someone who cooks very well and capital is not the only thing necessary to set up a restaurant much less guarantee its success; you also need to have a high menu quality gastronomic, variety and presentation, in addition to an ideal setting, friendly and efficient service, reasonable prices, very convenient location, little or no competition, good advertising and, of course, good administration.

The average maturation time of a restaurant independent is usually from 1 to 2 years. It is not enough to open its doors for a restaurant Gradually gain prestige and achieve your equilibrium point, much less profit.

Daring entrepreneurs forget that sales of a restaurant they depend to a great extent on the cost of advertising and promotions, and this is almost always spared.

Other generally underestimated or ignored expenses are taxes, financial interests, social security, occasional liquidation of personnel, unexpected labor demands, increases in raw materials, rents and services, renewal of permits, maintenance of equipment, fumigations, etc.

Remember that to be a successful restaurateur it is not enough to have a good recipe, some capital of your own or borrowed and a lot of effort because the money order is very killed. You have to know more about the restaurant trade and have greater administrative and leadership capacity.

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This business requires a lot of perseverance and sacrifice from both the owner and his family in order to be successful, however, and when they finally begin to generate profits, the work intensifies more, and that is where very few entrepreneurs resist it, while that others choose to throw in the towel.

Many restaurateurs start their business with family members, workers, partners and creditors on board, blindly trusting the driver, without first analyzing their clients and potential competitors, without minimum training in administrative aspects; they do not carry out rigorous testing of menus, they do not seek the advice of specialists in design, gastronomy or marketingThey do not have an action plan that tells them what to do and when to do it to reach their goal, which is generally very ambiguous or unrealistic. So when the business fails, they are not only emotionally knocked down, but also highly indebted.

It is a mistake to believe that if something has worked for years, it should not be changed. The menu and the setting of a restaurantThey have to adapt to the changes that the population shows, their potential clients.

Don't refuse to remodel your establishments, modernize your kitchens or train your restaurant staff, despite the fact that you have accumulated large profits over the years.

Advertising: they generally turn to it when sales are low or, what is the same, when the nearby competition begins to gain ground. They don't assume that spending on advertising and promotion must be permanent and, therefore, it must occupy a considerable part of the operating budget, up to 10% or 15% according to some specialists, even in times of strong sales volumes.

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In other cases for wanting to save the payment to an agency specialized in the matter, the restaurateurs create their own advertising programs and strategies; However, seeing the little impact that their advertising had, they consider that it was a useless expense.

They assume that their frequent customers will always remain so, forgetting that it is them and their family members, as well as friends, in the first place, to whom special promotions should be directed. They forget to reward the loyalty of their customers and make no effort to win it back day by day.

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