Consider complaints as favors

En sales the customer is always the King. But you have to know how to differentiate each of our clients, because not all clients are the same. Hence, we can always establish the Paretto law as a guide for our clients: "20% of our clients will give us 80% of our profitability". 
"El also information he is always right”, Although you know perfectly well that you are completely wrong; you always have to take the time to listen to it and understand its state of disagreement. A complaint that sometimes seems unfounded to us can turn into a grounded and very important claim for future sales.

The perception of the problem is not the same in the eyes of the seller and the customer.

Also, it is important to put yourself in the client's place and try to understand what their position is. On repeated occasions, when we are served or have been sold a product or service that does not meet the expectations we considered, we realize how difficult it is to be in this position, and how unpleasant it feels to feel "cheated".
But also when we meet an official who adequately handles complaints, we feel like a friend in front and a person who understands our dissatisfaction.
Actually, serious studies have been done in which the data has shown that between 1 and 1.5% of customers systematically try to take advantage of the seller with an unsubstantiated claim, or try to deceive to profit.
Taking this information into account, we can conclude that there are really very few people who will take advantage of our management, so it is important to accept the complaint and give it a solution immediately to the satisfaction of both parties, customer and seller; the strategy is win-win.
When a salesperson appropriately welcomes a complaint from an unsatisfied customer, we must remember that there are other people who are already likely to know, from the customer's lips, the problem (friends, family, neighbors). They could potentially be clients, or perhaps they already are, and they will be watching how they solve you or how the seller.
That saying that a disgruntled person counted 8 or more, ceased to be a reality. Now, an annoying customer in a matter of minutes can make their dissatisfaction or annoyance known to the thousands and others through the Internet.
The company should focus on the content of the complaint and not on the form of its presentation; many customers, to their annoyance, cannot clearly express what their problem is, making the seller unable to adequately solve their problem.
For the company, constantly receiving complaints is the cheapest way to carry out market research, because they provide us with information:
  • Loyal customers and their purchases Regularly reduce the unit cost of sales.
  • The compression of needs gives a greater market share.
  • La you may be unaware of the defect product, if not for the clients.
  • Customers report once the product is sold.
  • Market research can be static compared to the market, which is complex, dynamic and communicative.
For all these reasons, we must consider the complaints of our clients as true favors for our business, as it gives us feedback on the good and bad of our service or product.
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