According to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy of the language, defines host as: (From Host, king of Thebes, splendid at his banquets). 1. Person or entity that receives guests or visitors in its country or at its usual headquarters. 2. Person who has guests at your table or home.

Host was the King of Tirinto, and legend has it that Zeus seduced his wife Alcmena, taking advantage of the fact that he was on the battlefield, taking the form of Host; Heracles (also called Hercules) was born from this relationship.

Although the term seems to come from the fabulous banquets organized by this King, other authors are not so clear about it and opt for other origins, since at that time great banquets were given by many personalities and people of the upper class.

Known to the fact of Zeus' deception, Plautus (254-184 BC) wanted to reflect this drama in one of his works, and was the main reason for the play Host.

Later, around the year 1.668, Moliere (1.622-1.673), the great French playwright, recovers and adapts this Plautian comedy and it is in the final scene where there is talk of a wonderful banquet.

In that final scene, a great banquet is represented, where Socia, who was the messenger of Captain Host, speaks with her master, or with the god Zeus who has become him (he did not know with whom he was speaking). As his trusted messenger, he is invited to sit at the table, to participate in the banquet, and then he says this phrase: "le véritable Amphitryón est lʻAmphitryon où lʻon dine ..." Host, is the one who invites you to dinner ”.

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The term fell into favor and, due to the popular use of the word, soon, "Amphitryon" was incorporated into the French language with the meaning of: "The one who invites to dinner". As with other words, its use gradually extends beyond its borders and reaches, among other European countries, Spain.

The first edition of the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy of Language that includes this meaning is the edition of 1.869.

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