1. Drinks (water, champagne or cava, etc.) are served on the right. 
  2. Glassware should never be transported by putting your fingers inside it, both to place it and to remove it. It is better to use a tray. 
  3. The bread is served on the left of the diner. 
  4. The water is served cold unless expressly requested by the client. 
  5. More bread should be offered if we see that the customer has finished it. 
  6. The cutlery is placed on the client's right and left, but the arm is never crossed in front of it. 
  7. The napkin must be changed after the use of sinks (which are placed to the right of the plate) and especially if the service has been seafood or a similar plate. 
  8. Bread is not removed to desserts that may require it (cheeses, for example). 
  9. Food is never served without serving a drink to the customer. First the drink is served and then the food. 
  10. An ashtray should be put for every 4 people (if they require it) because it is more elegant to avoid putting ashtrays on the tables, by default. They should be changed relatively frequently if we see smoking (let's not wait for them to overflow). 
  11. When serving the coffee, the wine glasses are removed, unless expressly requested by the client. 
  12. The trays should not be overloaded to avoid walks. When returning, always try to carry something so as not to go empty-handed to the kitchen
  13. Do not use nearby tables as a temporary warehouse. They are not for that purpose. 
  14. Don't bend excessively to serve customers. Try to maintain a posture as upright as possible. 
  15. Food is never touched with the fingers under any circumstances. If something falls off the plate, it is removed and a new plate is served. 
  16. No cutlery, napkin or any other object that falls on the floor to the client must return to the table. It always has to be removed and exchanged for another. 
  17. Do not overfill the dishes and try to serve the dishes in an orderly and elegant way with more than one ingredient (meat with garnish and puree for example). 
  18. As a general rule, cold dishes are served on a cold plate and hot dishes are served on a warm or warm plate. 
  19. Help the customer when he enters the dining room to sit at his table, or at least accompany him to it. 
  20. The service should be done in the greatest silence possible. Do not make noise with plates, glasses, cutlery, trays ... 

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