Ridiculous challenges

The consumers competitive they are idolized with almost the same level of worship as professional athletes. And food TV shows like Man vs. Food and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives have reached large audiences to essentially promote increased the levels de cholesterol .

The explosion of food culture, fueled in part by people's growing need to post photos of their meals on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, has only taken this calorie hunt to new heights.

Ridiculous challenges

Here are 12 of the challenges of restaurants world's most ridiculous:

12. The “I can't drive” $ 55 Dollar Nachos Challenge.

The Cabo Wabo Cantina in Las Vegas has a $ 55 Dollar Nacho 'I Can't Drive' challenge consisting of an 8 pound plate of nachos, loaded with chipotle sauce, cheese, mixed cheese, black beans, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, olives, poblano peppers, pickled and fresh jalapeños, taco meat, carnitas, chicken fajita, roast beef, shrimp, sour cream, sauce, guacamole and pico de gallo. Contestants / victims have 55 minutes to complete the challenge, and if you win, you get free food, take a photo for Sammy Hagar's Male Nacho Hall of Fame, and win a free t-shirt.


11. The Triple Jumbo Ramen Challenge.


10. The pizza challenge from hell.

The challenge has a strict set of rules, including a 20-minute time limit, only one glass of water, no napkins, and if you somehow manage to finish the pizza, you must lick your hands and fingers. It's no wonder that all contestants must sign a waiver before embarking on the challenge. If you manage to complete the challenge, you get free soft drinks for life and a "I survived!" key chain. However, if you really are a glutton for punishment and you manage to complete the challenge five times, Pazza Bistro will allow you to change the name of the pizza .

food challenge3

9. The Dawg Ice Cream Sundae Challenge.

Waffle Cone Creamery in Copperas Cove, Texas has a great ice cream challenge! The ice cream consists of sixteen 8-ounce scoops of homemade icecream (choice), a can of whipped cream, cherries, and an army of ingredients they choose based on customer availability and allergies, including hot chocolate, Oreo cookies, M & M's, gummy bears, waffles, bananas, chips, and walnuts. And if you still don't feel like some kind of animal trying to figure it out, the six-inch-tall ice cream is served in an 8.5-inch dog bowl. Wow. If you can finish everything in an hour, you will be rewarded with $ 100 cash, a spot on the Waffle Cone Wall of Fame and the honor of renaming the challenge until another poor bastard overcomes it.


8. The pancake challenge.

If you happen to be at MAC 24-7, located inside the Hilton Waikiki complex in Honolulu, Hawaii, you can try eating three 14-inch flapjacks with blueberries, walnuts, and pieces of chocolate; pineapple, coconut, and macadamia nuts; or cinnamon streusel with vanilla frosting. Before signing up, you should know that these pancakes are almost half the size of Captain America's shield. But instead of defending yourself against a host of supervillains, you'll defend yourself against a wicked case of heartburn if you manage to finish these edible hubcaps. When the challenge appeared in Man v. Food, host Adam Richmond could not even succeed. In fact, only seven of the more than 250 people who have attempted the challenge to date have been successful. Fortunately, the administration MAC 24-7 understands the difficulty of this challenge and gives you 90 minutes to complete the task. If you are successful, the pancakes They will be in the house and you will see your photo on the Wall of Fame.


7. The challenge of the Chupacabra burrito.

We are pleased to announce that Joe Taco Mexi-Cafe in Amarillo, Texas has delivered a $ 25 unhealthy baby burrito called Chupacabra. At two feet long and eight pounds, this cute and adorable (and delicious) type is stuffed with beef and chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, rice, beans, and hot sauce with lots of sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo and all of Joe Taco's exclusive sauces. If you can digest the eight pounds of this mythical monster, you'll get the free burrito, a T-shirt, a spot on the Wall of Fame, and a free meal a week for a lifetime. If you fail, you will find your photo on the Wall of Shame of Joe Taco, who to be fair is anyone who values ​​his colon.


6. The Hibernator Breakfast Challenge.

In Congleton, England, located south of Manchester, be sure to visit Bear Grills Cafe for the mother of all the english breakfasts . At a whopping 8,000 calories, the £ 19.95 (about $ 28) 'Hibernator' breakfast challenge is no joke. In fact, no one, I mean, no one, has successfully finished this food beast, and it's easy to see why. The Hibernator is packed with eight sausages, eight slices of bacon., four potato chips, four fried eggs, a cheese omelette with four eggs, four waffles, four black pudding, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, french fries, four regular toasts and four pieces of fried bread with butter. If that wasn't enough for you, the entire meal comes with a 32-ounce strawberry smoothie topped with a mountain of whipped cream. Maybe it's a cultural thing, but 'breakfast' and 'smoothie' are two things that never seem to converge. If you are successful in finishing this breakfast without cardiac arrest, you will be rewarded with £ 100 (approximately US $ 144) to pay for your post-meal medical bill .


5. The challenge of the wings of the ghost.

The Girvan Grille in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, is known for its Ghost Wings Challenge, where participants must completely eat 10 ghost wings in 15 minutes. Now before you say "Easy, I can do that," consider this: the ghost pepper, also known as bhut jolokia, is considered the hottest chili pepper in the world. In fact, it is approximately 400 times hotter than Tabasco sauce. I'm not so sure now, huh boss? Additionally, the rules of this challenge strictly state that no other food or drink (including water) should be consumed during the challenge, and absolutely no bathroom breaks are allowed. If you successfully complete these 10 ghost wings, you will win a "Girvan Grille Ghost Wings Challenge" t-shirt and see your photo on the Girvan Grille "Wall of Flame". Oh,


4. The Big Fat Fatty Sandwich Challenge.

There is a reason why the word 'fat' appears twice in 'Big Fat Fatty Sandwich'. This exclusive $ 50 sandwich at Fat Sal's Deli in Hollywood is filled with cheese, cheeseburgers, pastrami, chicken wings, bacon, mozzarella sticks, fried eggs, jalapeños, potato chips, onion rings, chili, marinara, and salsa of fat. Yes, you heard correctly: fat sauce. At 10 pounds 27 inches, you will probably need the 40 minute allotted time limit to finish this antihero sandwich. If you're successful, you'll get free food, your photo on the Wall of Fame, and you'll be able to name and create a signature fat sandwich. A few years ago, the sandwich appeared in an episode of the web series, Stuffed.


3. The 10 pound monster burger challenge.

Mallie's Bar in Southgate, Michigan offers a 10-pound burger with toppings on an equally giant bun, all for $ 36.99. If you can finish everything within the two hour limit, you will earn $ 100 in cash and your image will appear on your wall of fame. Mallie's also appeared in an episode of Man v. Food back in 2009, where host Adam Richman and 40 other people drank the 'Absolutely Ridiculous Burger', a slight upgrade from their Monster Burger signature. The team attempted to eat a 190-pound hamburger to break the Guinness World Recordbut dropped 30 pounds before completion after the two hour limit. The grill also offers what was once considered the world's largest commercial burger. The absolutely ridiculous 338.6-pound burger must be ordered at least 72 hours in advance and costs a whopping $ 1,999. Hmmm, a 10 pound burger suddenly sounds manageable.


2. The 72 ounce steak challenge.

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and Big Texan Steak Ranch is the first to endorse this claim. The restaurant Amarillo, Texas is famous for its 72 Ounce Steak Challenge, which consists of a shrimp cocktail, baked potato, salad, buns and of course, 72 oz. fillet. Of all these challenges, this one probably has the most specific rules that govern it. For example, it is not allowed to stand, get up from the table, or let anyone touch the food. If the staff catches another person helping you cut, prepare, or eat the food, you will be instantly disqualified. You are required to pay the full amount of $ 72 in advance, but this amount will be refunded if you successfully complete the meal. Last year, a competitive dining roomconsumed three of these meat meals in 20 minutes. That's over 13 pounds of beef. Not bad for a 124-pound mother of four.


1. The challenge of the roast dinner banquet.

The Duck Inn in Redditch, England offers a meat feast for a family of four, but what if you're single with low self-esteem and a big appetite? Well, the Duck Inn's Roast Dinner Banquet could be tailor-made for you. The meal consists of a whole golden turkey, 25 roasted potatoes, 25 parsnips, 25 stuffed balls, 25 pigs on blankets, 25 carrots roasted in honey, 25 sprouts, and 25 heads of broccoli and cauliflower. And if that wasn't enough, all the food is suffocated in an ocean of sauce and cranberry sauce. At £ 35.00 (around $ 50), this meal is a steal. And for every banquet they make, the restaurant donate the equivalent food to the local food bank. If you finish the party in 45 minutes, you'll earn a spot on the Duck Inn Wall of Fame, a T-shirt and a certificate. However, it is safe to say that the odds are not in your favor;


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