Diagnosis of Non-Quality Costs in the Restoration activity of the East Branch, belonging to the Grupo Empresarial Extrahotelero Palmares SA

The thesis presented below has been developed as part of the final exercise of completion of studies to obtain the degree of Bachelor of Tourism by Wilfredo Rodríguez Borges. To download it completely you can do it through the following link: http://adf.ly/1W8UPv

The calculation of Tickets of Non-Quality (CNC) constitutes a tool by means of which the evolution of Quality resulting from Continuous Improvement can be measured. This type of cost does not exclusively represent an absolute measure of performance, it also indicates where corrective action will be most vital for the company. The present work aimed to diagnose the costs of non-quality in the restoration activity of the Eastern Branch, belonging to the Grupo Empresarial Extrahotelero Palmares SA. To do this, work was carried out on four facilities belonging to the UEB Alamar of said Branch; the EL Caporal warehouse and Restaurants International, Chinese and La Terraza de Cojímar. A Insights global at Branch level of the processes, Shopping, Reception, Storage, Distribution, Processing and Service, which make up the internal focus of the restoration system. East Insights It made it possible to prepare the Control Questionnaire and the CNC Identification Guide that were used to evaluate each process and identify the CNCs in each of their activities. The Insights general of these results allowed to detect the factors that cause these costs. Based on them, a series of proposals for actions were prepared with a view to their elimination, which are proposed to the Branch's management for their Insights and discussion.

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