Diagnosis of the key processes in the "Boutique Restaurant" of the Club House, belonging to the Residential Taará SA

The thesis presented below has been developed as part of the final exercise of completion of studies to obtain the degree of Bachelor of Tourism by the diplomate Annia Clavelo Piñero. To download it completely you can do it through the following link: http://adf.ly/1SoZ6N

Its structure includes the following contents:

Introduction 1
Chapter 1. An exploration into the universe of restoration activity 5
1.1 Gastronomy 5
1.2 The Restoration more than a definition. Processes involved 6
1.2.1 Development and new trends 11
1.3 The terminology of "restaurant" Classification typologies 14
1.4 The "menu card". Aspects to achieve the correct structure and design 17
1.4.1 Techniques and methods to evaluate the menu card 19
1.5 The gastronomic services. Classification and description 21
1.6 An approach to quality and customer satisfaction in catering 22
Chapter 2. Characterization of Tarara, the entity under study and
definition of the methodological bases for research
2.1 Characteristics of the Residential Tarara 28
2.1.1 Characterization and historical background of Club House 34
2.1.2 Characteristics of restaurant "Boutique" 35
2.2 Methodology for research development 37
2.2.1 Methodology for the development of the diagnosis 39
2.2.2 Proposal for improvement actions 45
Chapter 3. Results of the diagnosis. 46
3.1 Results of Insights of the economic situation of restaurant
"Boutique" 46
3.2 Results of the diagnosis of culinary preparation in the restaurant
"Boutique" 48
3.3 Results of the gastronomic service diagnosis in the restaurant
3.3.1 Analysis from the menu menu 51
3.3.2 Results of Menu Engineering Application 52
3.3.3 Results of the checklist applied to the gastronomic service 56
3.4 Impact of human resources on the quality of key processes 58
3.5 Satisfaction of the external customer who visits the “Boutique” restaurant 61
3.6 Derivations of the diagnosis to the processes: culinary elaboration and
gastronomic service process 64
3.7 Proposal for improvement actions 65
Conclusions 66
67 Recommendations


The history of restoration is closely related to the evolution of the man in his civilization process, for constituting an essential activity for its survival. The tourist offer includes a wide range of services that are essential for its development. Among them, that of food and beverages is one of the most important, as it is for customers a service of obligatory consumption, which encompasses a wide range of characteristics, activities and procedures, for which consumers are increasingly demanding.

"There is a need in today's society for staff fully professional and sufficiently prepared in the area of ​​food and beverages which requires a formal education for all those people destined to have under his responsibility the administration, operation, supervision and control of services provided by the important industry of restaurants; this acquires greater relevance if we consider that our country is exploited more and more touristically ”(Pérez, 2013).

For the XNUMXst century tourist, eating is a necessity and a pleasure, but based on current trends in restoration, supported in differentiated, attractive, healthy offers, based on light foods, fresh and natural, made using cooking techniques that do not affect substantially the nutritional and sensory properties of the food and in hygienic conditions that guarantee food safety and the quality of the final product (Espinosa, 2010).

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