Ten wines to "pair" with life

Meritxell Falgueras (Barcelona, ​​1981) is, above all, a lover of good wines. Sommelier and journalist, Falgueras is part of the fifth generation of a family of winemakers who, she proudly declares, run "the oldest wine shop in Barcelona" (Celler de Gelida). Although she has lived in Italy for a long time, surrounded by the vines of her husband's winery, these days she is very present in our country thanks to her latest book, The wines of your life (Angle Editorial), which has just been presented in Madrid.

Unlike his first book, Show off wines in seven days, more focused on tasting, The wines of your life is about guide the reader to find a wine for every occasion, a wine that pleases itself, beyond tastings and tasting notes, and with which to hit on different occasions. "It's about finding the wines that pair with our lives," explains Falgueras, who asks questions from Actualidad Gastronómica He offers us ten types of wine to emerge gracefully from ten situations:

1. Informal aperitif with friends on a Saturday morning: "It would be nice to Xarel.lo from Penedés, since it brings a feeling of freshness, a clean sheet, it is a bit Zen and very good to start the weekend. It has a lot of acidity, it forces you to smile and it stimulates the taste buds for the subsequent meal ».

2. Fond family food at the parents' house: It would fit very well «A red wine with a certain aging or a reserve, from old vines, because in the end those vines that have colonized the soil fix you to your roots that are your family ». «Here we would look for a more complex and open wine, just like family conversations do during the meal, until desserts we start talking about emotions and intimacies ».

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3. Food with the in-laws: "In terms of wines, as with clothing, it is good to always have a good wardrobe," explains Falgueras, who believes that there is no father-in-law / mother-in-law, however perverse, who does not give in to an elegant wine like a Mauro, the wine of Mariano García, from the Land of Castilla y León. "Experts adore it, those who are not also appreciate it, have a quality and an extraordinary price and they are to keep always, in case a visit comes, in case you want to make a gift and you do not know the person well (the case of the in-laws)… »

4. Serious company food: “Since wine is at the center of the table, it is already that dark object of desire and can give rise to an initial diplomatic conversation that has nothing to do with politics, economics, etc. So I would put a Rioja or a Ribera del Duero, better aging to make it lighter, it will make everyone feel safe because they are very recognizable and elegant wines, and they also have a lot of quality. They also allow you to express that you put on something that is quality without spending a fortune ».

5. A couple's anniversary dinner: "The important thing is to put cava or champagne rosé, sparkling double fermentation in bottle that always give joy and a sexy and aphrodisiac point that can go well to continue perpetuating love ».
6. First date dinner: «For a first date we can hit with a young Priory wine with a sufficient alcoholic strength to help you express your feelings and reduce shyness; it is important that it is a very outgoing wine that makes its varietal aromas immediately felt, that is easy to understand ”.

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7. To make love: «For before I insist on the pink cava and for later a champagne also pink, but we can change the order ».

8. Food at a beach bar in the middle of summer: «A wine like a Moscato d'Asti, frizzante, with aromas of fresh fruit and flowers; They are wines that give freshness and are served at eight degrees and go well with light foods.

9. To see a Madrid-Barça: "Surely we are good with the wine Crazy Heart, from the winery of Andrés Iniesta, that the fans of both teams like. "

10. To drink on a transoceanic flight: "Here it varies depending on whether we go or come back, and we have to take into account that the wines, when you taste them in the air, are somewhat more tannic, more acidic," explains Falgueras, who prefers to make a couple of concrete proposals: "The best if you go to Australia it is to taste a syrah, and if you go to California, the Cabernets there, but around the best thing to put the blanket and a good spiced Mencia that makes it easier for you to acclimatize again.

Finally, the author offers us some recommendations on price, such as generally avoiding wines below three euros a bottle "because they are productions that go very far." However, for six euros you can already find very good wines: "Many times a wine of six euros is good and one of 60 is not that it is ten times better, but that we also pay exclusivity and greater complexity."

For Falgueras, the most important thing in any case is to follow the following maxim: "May you never run out of wine for a good toast."

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Author: Leon Prieto. Published in: Gastronomic news

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