People management, a new dimension

Initially, the departments of address y management of people, called "personnel" were engaged in the management of administrative and legal aspects concerning employees. Subsequently, the need to correctly manage the labor and collective relations that were generated within the company took hold.

Gradually, our companies became aware of the real contribution of the staff and the function of the area to the business, changing its name to "Human Resources Area" (Human Resources), acquiring greater relevance in the organization, but without becoming a key factor.

At this time, the function corresponding to the management of people is at a difficult crossroads, the new challenges of our companies require, more than ever, a key contribution from the Human Resources function regarding the ability to convert these departments into true strategic partners, fully aligned with business objectives.

On the other hand, we are verifying day by day that companies They are under pressure in the very short term and consequently their strategies and policies increasingly tend to seek immediate results. This aspect has a direct impact on the human resources area, where we all know that it is very difficult to achieve short-term results.

In order to respond to these new scenarios, it is absolutely necessary that the heads of the departments become fully aware of their impact on the business, become strategic actors and focus their efforts on those processes, that bring greater added value to the company.

To achieve this objective, we must be fully aware of the business but, above all, generate the tools that allow to measure and relate the activity of our department with the business ratios of the company and express, if possible, the economic impact of our actions and the return on investment. This will give us the opportunity to discuss on equal terms and with the rest of the company areas.

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We have in our hands to achieve this the dashboard systems, tools key to measure our action and relate it to other essential data on the company's results.

Also the outsourcing or the use of information systems that free us from those processes that rob us of a very important time to develop the factors that do add value.

This article was published in 2002 as part of the content taught in the Master of Human Resources offered by the virtual platform La Salle on the Barcelona and Madrid campus and written by Professor Xavier Sánchez

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