Different types of services and their organization

From ancient times, some names were given to the types of services that were carried out in different countries. Today in the same way there are also forms of services that    They take different names, so we could say that we should not care much about the names, but the ways of carrying them out and which one will be more economical, profitable and agile without losing the quality to apply at every necessary moment and according to the place we are. Let's see several examples:

The service in sources, where the customer is offered food together with the serving game so that he is the one who serves himself, in some places takes the name of "Russian”And in others, it takes the name of“FrenchAs we can see, the name does not determine, what we need to know is that this service is very slow, so its use is scarce, limited to banquets with a few diners and private homes. It is not considered a commercial service.
One of the most problematic aspects of this service is that it needs a large number of employees to perform it and the other thing that we can point out is that the client must be a person with knowledge of the service that he performs so that he does not make mistakes when it comes to his shift, being able to spill food both on the tablecloth and on their own clothes. The plate for the customer to serve must be brought from  beforehand, hot or cold and located on the right side of the diner shortly before the service has begun.
Another of the services that we are going to study today is the service to the “French with auxiliary car”But also what  we will know by the name of "Russian" "Two-handed service" or "service in gueridón or auxiliary table." It is the most elegant and frequent service among the restaurants of great category. The delicacies, in this service, leave the kitchen in fountains (sometimes covered with bells) that are presented to  diners, before proceeding to plating and carving. Once the client gives his approval, the waiter carves or rushes, rations and dishes the delicacies on a side table or gueridón. The dishes with the delicacy are delivered to the assistant and the latter serves them to the diners, always on the right (or left without disturbing the client)
A la hora de realizar el servicio debe ser muy cuidadoso y preciso, ya que las porciones deben ser uniformes (iguales) no debiendo de quedar unas más grandes que otras. Al igual, debe servirse la cantidad que se ha orientado por parte del chef, ya que no es correcto recortar las raciones al cliente y que este lo note. Da un aspecto desagradable, perdiéndose por parte del cliente confianza en la casa. Esto debe evitarse en un buen professional.
There are many delicacies that must be put on the rechaud, to keep the heat or finish the preparation in the room, in front of the client. That is why we must be sure that the "rechaud" is prepared to carry out this task. To perform this service, we will help ourselves with the serving game (spoon and fork) by passing the food from the source to the plate, the waiter being able to carry the dishes in the left and right hand to speed up the service. The serving fork will always be in the left hand and the spoon in the right, that is why it is known as a two service.  hands.
Another of the services that are known by different names is the one that using the serving game we pass ourselves and directly from the source to the customer's plate the food. Some call him English service And we know it as direct French service. As we have said in previous paragraphs, the fundamental thing is to know how it is done regardless of the name it may take.
This service has a very special feature and that is that the worker who performs it needs to have extensive knowledge of the matter, otherwise it could easily stain the tablecloths as well as the customer.
One of the most important aspects in this service is the safety with which it is carried out, leaning correctly and sticking the edge of the platter to the edge of the plate so that food spills can be avoided. Like the previous service (two-handed), the waiter who performs it must take into account the diners, in order to ration correctly, taking great care not to damage the decoration of the tray.
The pieces must be uniform (equal), and no food should be left at the source. This is not pleasing to the eye of the customer. When we refer to food, we are also referring to drinks, beer, wines, champagne, etc.
We will see the characteristics of another type of service which we are going to study today, known in all gastronomy as silver service or simple service.
This is the simplest of all, since you do not need highly qualified personnel, everything is served from the kitchen, artistically decorated and which does not need other manipulation, since it comes arranged with its corresponding garnish.
When placing the plate we must take into account that the emblem of the establishment is in front of the client. There are a number of criteria when it comes to the left or the right or we can only say that the most accurate would be to do it where the customer is not disturbed. The customer should be disturbed as little as possible.
The waiter must specialize in this type of service in order to carry several dishes in hand, avoiding the use of the tray, since when using it we would fill it too much and    could break the beautiful decoration that in the kitchen It has been done.
The service is very generalized throughout the world, its main aspects being speed, personnel savings and the beautiful presentation that can characterize an establishment.
Don't forget that in Restaurants luxury other types of services are used such as Creole or family, the  buffet table etc.
In Creole or family service, (well known to us) we apply it in rural places, ranches or family tables that visit our restaurant. This service, like the previous one, is simple and is carried out mainly with the main dish, viands and vegetables, let's see:
Appetizers and starter dishes are almost always individual, but not the main dish, which can be fried pork masses, with  congrí rice, tostones and salad. All these foods are deposited in dishes on the table and each one can be served, as well as the host or head of the family who does it from his position to the others.
If we observe all these services we will realize that in the realization of the same there are mixtures of some ways of serving with others.
Other services that are performed in many places today are the Buffet Table service. This type of service that has revolutionized the offer in  many parts of the world, is one of the favorites by  tourists.
The comforts and facilities provided by this service are many, let's take some examples:
ü       Fresh juices and fruits, hot and cold soups.
ü       Cold and vegetable salads.
ü       Variety of main dishes.
ü       Desserts of different types.
ü       Various infusions
One of the things that give category to a buffet table is its variety, presentation, decoration, replacement, etc., The staff who work there, be very aware of the claim of a client, that is why the attention to the table It is important.
Fonts must be replaced before 3/4 parts are finished.
The buffet can be arranged on several tables distributed in the room so that we avoid crowding of customers.
Cleaning and hygiene in this type of service is very important, we must remember that the client wants to see things clean, there must be people who are constantly    arranging and replacing the sources on the table, so as not to give the impression that what has been exposed on the table has been manipulated by many people before. The buffet table can have a fixed price, without including drinks, cigars and tobacco. In this type of table the food should be placed in places according to its temperature.
To end these types of services, we are going to refer to others, such as: the banquet or Parisian table.
The banquet service is one where a menu is agreed for a group of clients and you can have all or almost all the service cutlery on the table.  
This type of service is fast and elegant, everything is served silver plated to the table, from appetizers to  infusions. A rule is never followed, but is served from the principal on your right, when there are many people.
If it is a small table, the service rules may apply. For the placement of the tables in a banquet the same rules are followed as in a dining room.
Presidencies at a banquet can be highlighted by having an elongated T, U, or E shape.
In this type of service, conditions must always be prepared to avoid errors or inconvenience that may lead to poor service. Many variants can be applied and they will depend on where we are.
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