Since they were little they “dreamed” in family kitchens, carefully observing every movement. Where are the schools of kitchen most prestigious in the world?

Many carry it in the blood (and also in the genes). From a very young age they have been part of family kitchens, closely observing the "hand" movements of their mothers, fathers or grandparents. And is that, some of these great and renowned chefs have seen from a young age a clear vocation in what many call "the art of kitchen" A profession, closely linked to the phenomenon of "culture", has achieved comparison with other fields such as painting or sculpture, therefore creativity.

There are many, more and more people who are looking for a way out in culinary education to put into practice all those brilliant ideas (in gastronomic key) that treasure their heads. Schools, Universities or Academies spread throughout the world impart this knowledge in culinary arts, gastronomy or nutrition. The Basque Culinary Center of San Sebastian in Spain, the prestigious Culinary Institute of America from New York, the 'mother house' of The rocks in a small town in the heart of the Swiss Alps or the most nutritional branch headed by the Hattori Nutrition Collage of Japan. Do you want to discover where the best and most prestigious schools of kitchen of the world? Today, at Harper's Bazaar, we tell you their story and take you to their hidden locations.

Basque Culinary Center

We start with Spain. The Basque Culinary Center, located in the city of San Sebastián and created in 2011, it is a pioneering academic institution worldwide created by seven of the most renowned Basque chefs and the Mondragon Unibertsitatea. It integrates a Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences and a Center for Research and Innovation in Food and Gastronomy, a project that also has the involvement of eleven of the world's most influential chefs. Arzak, Subijana, Berasategui, Arguiñano or Aduriz they are part of the board of trustees of this prestigious national project.

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Where?: San Sebastián (Spain)

The Culinary Institute of America

They say of the CIA (the acronym that summarizes The Culinary Institute of America) “it is about the most important culinary university in the world". Its spectacular location in Hyde Park (in New York City) hosts a training model with programs focused on people “with a passion for kitchen"Who seek to consolidate and advance their skills or who recognize seeking" to be the best chefs in the world. " Names as relevant as the Charlie Palmer (course 1979), Grant Achatz (1994) or Cat Cora (1995) have passed through this prestigious American university.

Where?: New York (USA)

The rocks

The rocksIt is undoubtedly one of the most recognized (and well-known) names of training in management hotel and tourist industry at an international level. It has a "mother house" located in Bluche, a small university town in the heart of the Swiss Alps but it also has campuses in countries such as China, Jordan, the United States and Spain, in the city of Marbella. In addition, the prestige of its hospitality business training courses, all taught in English, are accredited at the university level by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

Where?: Bluche (Switzerland)

Le Cordon Bleu

It was born as a School of culinary arts in the Paris of 1895 (founded by the journalist Marthe Distel) and during the last century Le Cordon Bleu has become an international network of Culinary Art Schools and Hospitality Institutes, also present in cities in countries such as Australia, Japan, Mexico, Spain or United Kingdom. It has more than 40 International Schools around the 5 continents and they affirm that their work philosophy is "to achieve excellence through constant practice and refinement, seeking expansion and growth."

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Where?: Paris France)

Hattori Nutrition Collage

We moved to Tokyo to walk through the doors of Japan's most prestigious school of gastronomy: Hattori Nutrition College. It has a training offer based on the concept of “Shokuiku”, a curious Japanese term referring to food and nutrition education field. Its director, Dr. Yukio Hattori, attaches great value not only to the strict field of culinary training but also to the field of nutrition, health, safety and the environment, which sometimes come to the background.

Where?: Tokyo Japan)

Hotelschool of Lausanne

From 1893, the Hotel hôtelière de Lausanne is one of the pioneering institutions in the training of careers in management of 'hospitality', a concept that refers to the field of hospitality. An educational project with more than 120 years of tradition that, at present, has managed to position itself as one of the world benchmarks. He is also, without a doubt, a perfect ambassador of the Swiss hotel tradition, highly recognized throughout the world.

Where?: Lausanne (Switzerland)

Academia Barilla

Founded in the year 2004, the Barilla Academy has become the perfect showcase for kitchen Italian and the country's products of the boot. In addition to positioning itself in the ranking (by country) of the most recognized and best valued culinary training schools, it has managed to enhance the cultural character of the project (giving it great importance). They also have reduced training programs, focused on people who want to improve their culinary skills.

Where?: Parma (Italy)

Fernánd Pérez International Cooking School

It located in the city of Vallolidad, capital of Castilla y León, and has already managed to position itself as one of the great cooking schools nationwide (in Spain). "A space to create, develop and share new trends and knowledge that provides added value to the sector ”, are defined by the entity. Its training program is very focused on foreign students, institutions and schools “who want to discover Spanish gastronomy”.

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Where?: Valladolid (Spain)

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