53% of restaurants will accept mobile payment in 2015

The magazine Hospitality Technology (HT) has published the results of its 2nd annual study Customer Engagement Technology Study, carried out in collaboration with the University of Denver and the University of Nevada. The study makes a deep Insights the impact of new technologies on hotel customers and restaurants of the United States, and how it is increasingly influences the increase in sales of these businesses.

Confirms that new technologies, especially social media and digital mobility, are creating new expectations and opportunities to offer new services to customers and improve their experience in restaurants.
The 5 main conclusions of the study are:
1.-In 2015, 53% of the restaurants They will offer their clients payment via mobile phones, currently only 8%.
2.-The most used social networks by restaurants and hotels are Facebook (90%) and Twitter (78%) and the fastest growing is Pinterest (250%).
3.-In 2015, 85% of the restaurants and 91% of hotels will have a mobile website with a high influence on business performance and customer loyalty.
4.-Despite the fact that QR codes are used by 33% of restaurants and 43% of hotels, they are very ineffective instruments to attract new customers.
5.-Currently, 96% of the restaurant's apps allow you to see the menu or menu and 43% place food orders.
These data clearly demonstrate the enormous influence that the Social Media Restauranting it already has in the American restaurant industry and how mobile support is going to become a very important element for the sector in the coming years, as I anticipated in the article I wrote in May 2012  "How will it pay in restaurants in a few years"
Here is the infographic of the study:
Pay with your mobile in restaurants

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