The centenary of the woman who taught the United States to cook

American Cuisine and Julia Child 

A voice, a style, an unmistakable print. This Wednesday, the chef, writer and television star, Julia Child, responsible for introducing the sophistication of French food in the homes of the United States, would have been 100 years old.

New generations, especially outside the US, first met Child when Meryl Streep played her in the movie "Julie & Julia," written and directed by the recently deceased Nora Ephron. Streep managed to imitate the difficult tone of his voice, high and childish, and also the personality with which Child won the affection of his followers.
"How to define that quality that only some people have? She seemed happy to be alive every day of her life, ”the actress said in an interview in 2009.
Of his television shows, the best known is “The French Chef,” which premiered in 1963. The book “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” (Perfecting the Art of kitchen French), made up of two volumes published in 1960 and 1971, is considered - even today - a kind of bible for learning to cook.
The knowledge reflected in these texts, Child obtained when she moved to France in 1948, in the company of her husband Paul Cushing Child, a diplomat with whom she married two years earlier. In Paris, Child studied at the academy Le Cordon Bleu and she joined the Cercle des Gourmettes club, where they encouraged her to spread her new knowledge to the American audience.


To celebrate their centenary, they have already started menus specials in various restaurants in his native country. Also Google created a doodle In his honor (the drawings that the company uses on its home page to celebrate an important milestone) and a new book about his life, written by Bob Spitz, has been released.
According to AuthorWhat really made the public of the 60s and 70s take note of her recipes was her naturalness and her eternal disposition to laugh at herself.
“When Child would try to turn an omelette and it fell half on the stove, he would put it back in the pan and say to the audience: 'If you're alone in the kitchen, you can always pick it up. Who is going to find out? ”, Spitz relates in his new biography“ Dearie ”.

Julia Child is considered a cultural icon in the United States.

Child's phone rang non-stop each year on Thanksgiving, when thousands of people looked up her number in the phone book to ask her questions about how to cook turkey, to which she responded "relentlessly," according to her biographer.
In an interview on Wednesday with United States Public Radio (NPR), Spitz stressed Child's simplicity, assuring that he never received any type of training to carry out his television programs, which did not close- the production of shows current.

Celebration in your kitchen

La kitchen from his Cambridge home (Masachusets), where he filmed his latest television shows, is also on display this Wednesday at the Washington Museum of History.
"It was a very significant force for change, which encouraged people to try different things, to learn new things, and above all, to enjoy the pleasures of the table, with family and friends," said a spokeswoman for the show.
Child is celebrated for revolutionizing kitchen from their country by using fresh ingredients and creating, with their own hands, even the most complicated recipe. A message that even today continues to be considered a pioneer in the fast food country.
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