The creation of this sublime cream is generally attributed to Vatel. But already the pastry chefs of Catalina de Médicis (1519-1589) already beat the cream with beaters made from broom branches.

This cream was presented by Vatel at a reception given by Fouquet in honor of Louis XIV at the Vaux-Praslin castle.

So his first name was later obtained when Vatel entered the Condé service at Chantilly Castle, where he would die ten years later.

Now we should not be confused when we see dishes “a la chantilly” that are Vatel's creations, most of these denominations are from the XNUMXth century and the use of cream in their preparations is common.

Since this topic is related to Vatel, let's see what happened.

Suicide due to professional pride.

It is a mistake to believe that Vatel was a cook by trade. Most likely he knew how to cook, but both at the Condé princes' house and before at the house of the superintendent of Hacienda Fouquet, he held the position of "General Controller". Due to his position, which was very important, he had to control: kitchens, groceries, furniture preservation, paintings, gold and silver tableware, lighting, suppliers, service, etc. etc. that is, everything was under his control.

Vatel together with Gourville were the two supports of the administration from the Condé house.

In 1663, the great remodeling works of the castle began and Vatel, as General Controller, assumed the heavy task of the management of the mansion. When the works are finished, the prince de Condé invites the king.

Without assistants or information, Vatel is overwhelmed by the preparations, because they prevent it only fifteen days before. Before long he had to organize everything, including fireworks. The guests are more numerous than expected and roasts are missing. Vatel put up with so many failures.
At night, very excited and unable to sleep, he gets up at four in the morning and inspects kitchens and pantry.

Since it was a watch Friday, he had ordered fish from the fishermen in Paris and the coast, so as not to be short, so he expected more than enough for the lunch.

Time passed and the fish did not arrive, at dawn she meets a boy who brought two baskets of fish, Vatel asked him, "Is this the fish?" Is this all you bring ?, the brief response that he got "Yes, sir and went to the kitchens"

He was too tired to remember that he had passed orders to others.

Discouraged and totally depressed he said to Gourville, “I will not be able to survive so much misery. I have lost reputation and honor. ”Gourville, because she woke him up to tell him this and in his sleepy state, paid no attention to him.

Vatel shut himself up in his room, in his despair, and while he was doing this crazy act, the other fishermen were arriving with baskets overflowing with fish.

In order not to disturb the party, Vatel was wrapped in a blanket and stealthily removed in a carriage from the castle and taken to the parish. As it was a suicide, the priest demanded that they deliver a written order from Prince Condé to be buried in the cemetery, which was done.

It was the tragic end of a great professional, for whom the expressions of sadness were few.

In one of her letters, Madame de Sevigné illustrious epistolary, present at the party, outlined the event in a letter dated April 26, 1671, (the death took place on the 24th) “Je jette mom bonnef, par dessus le moulin et je ne fais rien du reste ”, which according to those who are fluent in Moliere's language comes to say“ They'll give them all to me ”.

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