Control of customer service processes:

There are five key elements to consider when following up on processes, of customer service in companies: determining customer needs, reviewing service cycles, surveys, evaluating quality and the analysis of rewards. These elements will be briefly explained in this article.

Any company must maintain strict control over internal customer service processes. Continuous monitoring of care policies, their mechanisms and the human capital involved is necessary to maintain a level of quality of service always higher than the competition.
It is proven that more than 20% of people who give up buying a product or service decline their purchase decision due to information or attention failures when they interact with the people in charge of assisting and motivating buyers. Given this reality, it is necessary that customer service is of the highest quality, with concrete and precise information, with a level of atención suitable so that the person receiving the information not only has an idea of ​​a product, but also the quality of the human and technical capital with which he will establish a commercial relationship.
Here are the five basic elements to assess to maintain efficient control over customer service processes.
  1. Determination of customer needs.
  2. Duty cycles.
  3. Surveys
  4. Quality service evaluation.
  5. Analysis of rewards and motivation.

Consumer needs:
The first tool to improve and analyze customer service is simply to ask yourself as a company the following: 
  • Who are my clients ?: Determine what types of people the company will deal with.
  • What will the people I'm going to seek look for ?: It consists of trying to determine the basic needs (information, questions, material) of the person to be treated.
  • What services does my customer service area provide at the moment ?: Determine what exists
  • What services fail to serve customers ?: Determine deficiencies through a self-assessment exercise.
  • How does the customer service area contribute to brand and product loyalty and what is the impact of the management Customer Service ?: Determine the importance of the customer service process in the company.
  • How can I improve ?: Design of policies and strategies to improve the attention.

This analysis generates an internal base of initial information, which will serve to analyze the company's customer service system in more detail later.
Analysis of service cycles:
It consists of determining two fundamental elements. 
  1. Temporal trends of the need for customer service: (how often do they ask for help, what time of year do they need more attention, etc.) A clear example is tourism, where depending on the season it is necessary to invest more human and physical resources to serve people.
  2. Determine the client's needs, under parameters of service cycles. An example is when magazine subscriptions are renewed, where you can maintain control over the customer and their preferences.

Important: “When you have adequate information about the preferences customer service, it is more feasible to offer new products or services "
Customer service surveys:
This point is essential. On many occasions, companies place simple complaints boxes, thinking that with this they are going to improve their attention service comprehensively.
A correct control of attention must start from more specialized information, if possible personal and where the consumer can clearly express their preferences, doubts or complaints directly.
Always display there must be a responsible person, de control, attend and investigate on the preferences, inconvenience, claims or clarifications from users.
An advice: When a complaint is filed, do not send it through all departments, to find the person with the appropriate information. Do not hesitate the user. Any person must be able to attend and settle a complaint or claim and must be able to attend.
Assessment of attention behavior:
It has to do with the personal attention part of the client:

Important rules for the person serving: 
  1. Show attention.
  2. Have a proper presentation.
  3. Personal and friendly attention.
  4. Have adequate information on hand.
  5. Adequate body and oral expression.

Personalized treatment is the best way to "Tie up" and "retain customers".
Motivation and rewards:
Worker motivation is a fundamental factor in customer service. The spirit, the disposition of attention and the competences, are born from two fundamental factors:
  1. Assessment of work: You have to know how to value personalized work. Instruments: Additional monetary remuneration, bonus or commission systems etc ...
  2. Motivation: People who exercise the worker's attention must be kept motivated. Instruments: Company incentives, better working conditions, motivation workshops, integration, participation dynamics, etc.

The constant feedback between clients and workers will gradually improve all the attention processes. The above elements will guarantee greater control over customer service in the beginning and better service in the medium term.

Article published by Alejandro Jáuregui G 

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