The employee is the first customer!

The company must dedicate effort to 'sell' as an attractive product to workers.

Just for money?

A recent Gallup poll claimed that 87% of wage earners work only "for the money they earn each month." The percentage may be surprising, because the singsong we are fed up with hearing everywhere. It can certainly not be said that this result says much in favor of employee motivation after so many years of talking about it as a goal. If we believe Gallup, then where do we settle? Either companies have done their homework badly or they have simply deceived us and have grown tired of explaining how good it is to do white, when they did black. There is everything, of course. From those that have been applied to do it well to those that have all been lip service, with the intermediate nuances they want, although judging by the results the latter win by a landslide.
“That people and talent are the most important thing for the company, is a topic that is not always true. The more centralized power is in an organization, the less important people tend to be. If decentralization is great, things change. This is what made Bill Gates say that if 20 people left Microsoft, their shares would lose value ”, Juan Torras, a partner at Egon Zehnder, clarifies at the outset. Well, there is a lot of empty word, then. But something will have to be done, because motivation is necessary. “If we strive to convince our customers and consumers of the excellence of our products through marketing, why not do it with the employees who are the first customers? If we believe that there are no satisfied customers without happy employees. So why don't we apply the marketing methodology to the management of human resources? ”asks Antonio Ruiz Va, director of relationship marketing at Gas Natural and professor at IDEC-UPF.

The employee is the first customer!

It is simply a matter of considering the employee as an internal customer and explain the product, only that the product is special. In this case, it is to sell a certain job in better conditions and in the most effective way, making it clear what the work is done for, how it contributes added value to the company, how it can improve its contribution through innovation… Because “the best consultancy is the worker himself, nobody knows the clients and the processes, internal ", continues Ruiz Va. The comparison he makes is clear. “If we do market research to get to know the customer, let's do it with the workers as well.
Let's ask what they need, let's agree, let's try to reconcile work and family… In the United States that is legal tender, here we are not inventing anything ”. However, he is quick to recognize that in our country everything “that smells of sales or marketing is still too demonized. Some companies even have prevention of using the term internal marketing ”, he adds. But what exactly is internal marketing? Well, according to the Institut d'Educació Continua (IDEC), one that “is concerned with analyzing and managing a series of complex transactions in the organization, establishing a new relationship process. Its central objective is none other than to maximize the benefits obtained, of all kinds, and for all the agents involved ”.

The company as a center for improvement

Of course, fear of the word must overcome. The important thing is to see “how in organizations people are integrated into action groups that provide service to others within the same company, so we are obliged to think in terms of internal customers. Each functional unit is. This point of view can be applied both to systems information as well as human resources ”, says Torras. A company is not an NGO, of course. This is not just about people being okay. What happens is that if people are more motivated, they are more productive and bring more added value. hence, human resources demand to be considered as a strategic factor.
Alfonso Jiménez, managing partner of Peoplematters, points out that this is more important in service companies "because people are also more important in them." He affirms that in order to motivate people, “not only do you have to do what you say, but also do your best. In Spain there are a large number of workers who do not show their creative capacity because they are not motivated. The area of human resources You must relearn a number of aspects. Go beyond the day-to-day and above all, do everything that was said and not done ”. From here the need arises to provide sales knowledge to the management of people. "You have to go to the fishing grounds employment, universities, training centers ... and fish to the best talents. The human resources director must become a great salesperson of the company in the internal market and at the same time convince his fellow executives that the staff is critical to the success of the company and force them to constantly seek talent wherever they go ... " , he continues. It also highlights the need to create actions that generate an awareness that the it has positive values ​​and that it works well. He also cites the case of Microsoft, where people know that they will work a lot, but in return they will be trained, will opt for significant future earnings and will be someone desired by the market. “Human resource policies must be consistent, with training plans and budgets behind them. This and a good internal communication policy are the keys so that people can feel the company more as their own ”, he concludes.
Published in La Vanguardia newspaper (Catalonia - Spain)


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