The robot waiter that brings you the dishes “flying” will arrive in 2015

The world of robotics is advancing at top speed. 
New machines are created to make life easier and more comfortable for people, although sometimes technological evolution can have an impact on the world of work. The ultimate ingenuity: new robots to replace waiters will carry the food floating to the tables.

The company behind this ingenuity is Infinium Robotics, a company that has some experience in the robotics sector and is developing smart machines capable of autonomous levitation, bringing the dishes to the tables. This print, which would seem to be taken from a science fiction film, shows the ambition that researchers working in this field have, while raising the alarm about a future major restructuring of the labor market that will occur when many positions of work developed by people are suppressed when using robots.

At the moment, one of the largest restaurant chains in Singapore, the company Timbre Group has taken an interest in these waiters and intends to install them in its restaurants from the end of 2015, estimated date for the landing of these new machines. Infinium Robotics CEO Woon Junyang believes that far from posing a threat to people's work, these robots allow you to take care of minor tasks for which workers are often exploited, occurring this circumstance to a greater degree in some Asian territories. In this way, according to the manager, people could move to positions of greater responsibility and importance. In some territories the use of drones has already been used to perform table servitude tasks in bars or restaurantsBut this would be the first time that a smart and autonomous machine would be used.
Robots, progress or threat to humanity?
However, the real reason seems to be rather the search for an increase in profit due to the reduction of labor costs and greater efficiency in table service. Waitress robots would count with work autonomous drive and they would allow the fast charge of batteries to be able to be used continuously. The Government of the Republic of Singapore would provide facilities and aid for the implementation of this new technology that would make the region once again a reference in terms of the application of robots to perform daily tasks such as serving food or drinks to diners from a restaurant.
What do you think of the use of robots to perform tasks of this type?
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