We will give a list of these drinks, some of which are known in Europe, while others only they are used in other continents. The most important are: Coffee (which we study separately), Tea, Tila, Manzanilla, Poleo, Maria Luisa and Mate.

Te- It comes from a plant in Southeast Asia, whose name is Thea sinensis. The characteristic flavor of the infusion is due to the oil contained in the leaves of the plant, which has stimulating powers similar to caffeine coffee.
In Europe it was introduced by the Dutch in the early XVII century. Although the largest producer of tea is China, India is the leading exporter.
The two most widespread varieties of tea are green and dildo.
Green t: it is the one that is made without fermentation of the leaves, that undergo heat at 100 degrees Celsius and then they are removed, dried and crushed.
I black you: To obtain it, the leaves are dehydrated for 18 to 32 hours, then they are subjected to a rotation and then they are allowed to ferment in a very humid and warm place, Thanks to which this type of tea acquires its characteristic aroma. The tea can be taken:
Alone, with milk, with lemon (in juice or in slices), with ice, with slices of orange, with mint and mint, etc.
Tea tray or table and its presentation.

The table for him should include:

  • Snack plate (dessert) with tea napkin and cutlery.
  • Tea cup and saucer.
  • Teapot, hot water jug, hot and cold milk jug and sugar bowl.
  • Various kinds of jam.
  • Butter.
  • Tart, sponge cake, plum cake, assorted cookies or cakes.
  • Fine tea pastes.
  • Toasted bread (usually served covered with a napkin to keep the temperature).
Both the tea service and that of other snacks will always be served with special tablecloths and cutlery for this purpose.
Along with coffee, tea is one of the most exciting infusions of the nervous system.
Status: it is obtained from the linden flower and has antispasmodic and sedative properties of the nervous system. I know prepare the infusion with hot water and accompany it with sugar.
Chamomile: There are two varieties: sweet and bitter. Used to relieve intestinal disorders, stomach pains, gastritis and ulcers, and promotes digestion.
Pennyroyal: of uses very similar to those of mint. It's a good stomach, digestive and carminative tonic. It is taken for relieve intestinal pain.
María Luisa: With properties similar to chamomile and pennyroyal.
Mate: also called "tea or herb of Paraguay", it is prepared adding boiling water over the crushed leaves, using a small dried pumpkin as a traditional container. It is drunk with a light bulb, which is a metal tube provided of a filter in its lower part to prevent the leaves from passing when sipping.

Infusion services

In general and at present, infusions such as chamomile, linden, etc. they are prepared with bags containing crushed leaves or flowers. These bags are placed in the jug or teapot, boiling water is added and served.
As information and as additional knowledge, which tea for the English is something they have introduced as a traditional rite on a day sheet and is the famous "Five O'Clock Tea ”(Five o'clock tea), a social act that not only has been rooted in the customs of this town but has spread throughout the world, although we do not have that custom, since we have never been fans of tea but yes to coffee.
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