The wine and its dish

Can we combine wines with dishes?

The answer is yes. And we can not only pair wines with dishes, but also with the color of the tablecloth that covers our bullion tables at restaurant. The best way to combine the wine with the dish, it is knowing the main characteristics of each one, its place on the menu, the consistency it has, the strong or light flavor, whether it is dry or sweet.


With sea or freshwater fish without spicy, with eggs, poached on the grill, seafood, oysters, lobsters, sausages, smoked ham, green beans, truffles, mushrooms, hors d'oeuvres and fresh cheeses


With melon, fish with a strong flavor, Fish seafood or bouillabaisse, seafood with spices, some soups, hors d'oeuvres, poultry in cream.


With sausages, loin ham, hors d'oeuvres, seafood, fish and vegetables, cheeses, veal of any shape, crabs, delicatessen, quail, mushrooms, birds, ducks.


It can be a good Bordeaux, Burgundy with little harvest and a weak year. These must be served before the strongest, even of identical harvest. They are appropriate for poultry, white meat, lamb, ducks, quail, ham, pellets, mushrooms, pheasant, turkey, cheese, dried fruits, empanada.


BORDEAUX:SERIOUS: TINTOS, HAUTE MÉDOC, SAINT-ESTEPHE: Red meats, roasts, fresh game of feathers and hair, cheeses. White dry bass: seafood oysters, crustacean fish grilled or with light sauces, caviar.These wines are suitable for meat red, beef, wild duck, goat, wild boar, hare, pheasants, partridges, lamb, chicken, cheese, dried fruit. For example, the wines of France that are characteristic of this type of wine, and according to the region can be tasted as follows:
  • SAUTERNS-BARSAC, LIQUEURY WHITE WINES: appetizer, foie gras, fish in fine sauces, desserts
  • BURGUNDY:NUITS COTES: Red, roasted or grilled meats, meats in ragout or sauce, game of hair or feathers, pate and terrines, all kinds of cheeses. Beaujolais of any domain: all kinds of cold or hot delicatessen, roasted or grilled meats, stews with sauces, cheeses. Chablis: it is unbeatable to accompany shellfish and fish.
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