El SMR or Social Media Restauranting It is a new concept that I have created, it represents a revolution in the industry of restaurants, making the client the main protagonist and giving him a voice that he has never had before, allowing the restaurant You can communicate, chat and interact with your current and potential clients.

El Marketing and  SMM (Social Media Marketing) are too broad and general concepts, the time has come to analyze and specify the different techniques, forms and means for different customers, products and markets. Achieve much more practical and effective objectives, and that is what the Social Media Restauranting within the industry of restaurants.
The business model of hospitality in general and of restaurants In particular, it has changed, evolving from a traditional model to a current model, where technological advances, the Internet and social networks occupy a fundamental role as an element of communication, loyalty, promotion and added value between clients and customers. restaurants.
El SMR (Social Media Restauranting) It is not just having a presence on social networks, it is establishing concrete plans, strategies and objectives that allow the restaurant evolve and improve this presence, achieving a differentiating value among its clients and compared to the competition, requiring the participation of the entire organization.
No restaurant may be on the fringes of social networks, the message no longer creates it, or even controlled by the restaurant, is a joint creation process between clients and restaurants based primarily on trust.
Traditional word of mouth has been transferred to social networks, expanding the message exponentially, and being perceived by users as a message of trust, real and sincere, influencing the strategic of consumption of the same.
Restaurants have never had the opportunity to "hear" our clients so closely, are you going to miss it?

Source: www.diegocoquillat.com

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I am a dreamer and in my dreams I believe that a better world is possible, that no one knows more than anyone, we all learn from everyone. I love gastronomy, numbers, teaching and sharing all the little I know, because by sharing I also learn. "Let's all go together from foundation to success"
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