Caesar or Caesar salad?

Caesar or Caesar salad?

Although some are tempted to think that it is an ancient salad or that this salad is named in honor of Emperor Caesar, or that its provenance is of Californian origin as some try, they are not on the right track, since their creación or at least when it took a letter of nature it was in the 20s of the last century (XX) and despite being so recent there are certain gaps in terms of its historical data and of course nothing to do with the emperor mentioned.

Paternity has apparently been disputed by more than one person. The stories Most consistent of its creation, during the Dry Law in the decade 1920-1930, when the California Americans went to Tijuana to taste the prohibited wines in their country, they are as follows:

It is said or written that the creation was due to Alessandro Cardini in tribute to his brother César who had passed away and who in life had required his brother to create a recipe with his name.

Others give the following versions:

With the same protagonists, in the Hotel César Palace, located in Tijuana (Mexico) of the Cardini brothers, after a long weekend that they had artisans and local residents associations from Hollywood in 1920, the teacher Alessandro prepared this salad for them.

Others give the date of the event as July 4, 1924 when some clients of the Californian Jet, (Aviators), visited the César Hotel and Chef Alexssandro found himself without many food in his pantry because he had the Hotel full of passengers of the “Prince of Wales” on a visit tour through North America and had to delay their departure due to bad weather for one day, so the Hotel management found that their clientele stayed one more day and due to this reason their mouth supplies were scarce and they could not offer more than salad object of this writing.

The salad was made up of the following ingredients; lettuce, soft-boiled eggs, garlic, Worcetershire sauce, lemon juice, olive oil, grated Parmesan cheese, croutons, salt and pepper. As you can see, this fledgling Caesar did not have anchovies. (See recipe at the end).
On the subject of anchovies, I have not found documentation of when they began to be used, but this salad without anchovies loses body.

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There are versions that say that the salad was prepared by César Cardine himself in the dining room, (gueridón service), at the sight of diners, although some say that this event was carried out by Livo Santini and others that it was Jack Romaine.

Whoever prepared this salad, we continue with the events of July 4, it was an excellent salad judging by the applause of diners and it seems that at first it was called "Aviators' Salad" and it was later when the clients of the César Hotel began to name it with the name of the premises.

International shipments may take up to eggs employees in this salad are boiled for a very short time, maximum one minute, so much so that in 1990 California law prohibited the sale of the Caesar salad as they considered that it had raw egg in its composition. The ban continued until 1998, when the matter was again studied and allowed to be sold again.

This salad must be prepared in front of the client by the Maître de la sala, who, at the same time, is a good showman, will show the preparation.

Although it does not come to mind with the subject, I still remember a preparation of some flambéed bananas, (Bananas Singapore), in a restaurant in Singapore, the Maître with all the paraphernalia next to the table and at the time of flambing the bananas on liqueur It ran through an orange peel cut in a spiral that held at one end with a fork and the burning liquor was sliding down the skin until it reached the plate where the bananas were arranged, but so that we did not lose so much detail as we were going to taste the dish as the rest of the clientele, the lights of the restaurant They faded and the show was fantastic.

How to prepare such a salad?

The ingredients that a Caesar salad should always have are the following:

Bread croutons, fresh garlic, anchovies, soft-boiled egg max. 1 minute or raw egg, Worcestershire sauce, Parmesan and freshly ground pepper and the corresponding lettuce that can be a mixture of green leaves.

Then come the additives, which go well but come from what is an orthodox Caesar such as: mushrooms, cooked chicken, cooked ham, etc.

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Preparation of what would be an orthodox Caesar salad, from the early days.


1/2 kilogram of romaine lettuce

3 tablespoons olive oil

2 medium garlic cloves, watch out for the garlic, I would try half a clove and I would try and increase it according to the taste that the dressing is taking. Another solution is to have garlic oil prepared, which is done by putting some garlic in oil and leaving it to macerate for at least 20 days.

1 egg

1 tablespoon of lemon juice or according to the taste of the officiant.

1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese

1 and 1/2 cup of bread croutons.

Worcetershire sauce to taste

Salt and pepper to taste


The egg we will pass through boiling water for a minute, we pass it through cold water to prevent it from continuing to clot. The dressing is prepared by beating the oil, egg, garlic, lemon, Worcestershire sauce, until there is a homogeneous mixture, it will be thick. Lettuce after being thoroughly washed and removed from water as best as possible, we will chop it and cover the bottom of the serving bowl or plate with it. We will put the crusts on top of the lettuce.

International shipments may take up to courteous of bread, we will put them in the oven in cubes with a little oil and when they are well browned we will have them ready for use, they can also be fried or roasted in the oven without oil. To oil the bread it is very practical to do it with a spray. We season the salad and on top of everything we will put the grated Parmesan.

Caesar salad, (this one already with its anchovies):

Ingredients we will need:

One or more lettuce buds.

French bread cut into cubes.

Garlic according to taste.

8 anchovy fillets in oil.

1 shot of Worcetershire sauce, (between a teaspoon of coffee to a tablespoon of soup).

2 tablespoons of lemon juice.

1 teaspoon freshly ground peppercorn.

Sea salt to taste

2 boiled eggs boiling water maximum 1 minute. There are those who use them raw.

½ cup Italian Parmesan cheese coffee

½ cup coffee of thin slices of Parmesan cheese.


Once clean, well washed, dry the lettuce and cut we can put it in the fridge for 30 minutes, with this we will make the lettuce a little more crisp. Fry the bread cubes in olive oil or toast them in the oven, if they are fried when removed from the pan put them on absorbent paper to remove part of the absorbed oil. With the garlic, flavor the bowl in which we are going to serve the salad, the method is to crush the garlic cloves until they disintegrate, rub the walls of the bowl with this pulp and then remove the pulp.

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Perform the same operation with the anchovy fillets, but in this case do not remove the pieces of anchovies from the bowl. Put the salsa Worcestershire, the lemon juice, the ground pepper and the yolk of the eggs and mix everything well until obtaining a homogeneous mixture, now add the oil little by little, as if making a mayonnaise is about, thickened the sauce, it will be ready . Add the lettuce, cheese slats and croutons to the bowl, stir and finally sprinkle with the carved cheese.


Some people add a teaspoon of coffee English mustard. The croutons, if we make them in the oven, after spraying them with the oil using the spray, we can put a little freshly grated pepper on them. Tofu is also often used instead of egg. Currently it is often added vegetables, chicken, shrimp, etc. These ingredients can be sautéed or lightly cooked and put in the salad, which will make the dish a good starter.

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