EPOS lite, from home to home automation restaurant | WiFi Restaurant menu EPOS lite accountEven as technological advances continue to provide comfort and simplicity to our daily activities, there are small pleasures that will never cease to be attractive to everyone. One of them is go out to eat at a restaurant and I think not even the most modern Home Home automation can attack this tempting way out.
However, what we cannot avoid is that the most surprising technological developments are present in our restaurant favorite, always with the aim of further facilitating the service and saving us an unwanted waste of time when we already want to start the return home.

For this, the English designer Stephen Allport has developed a device called EPOS-lite. This little artifact that you are seeing in the photograph could be described as the combination of a menu digital with ballot making. In other words, this curious design allows us to select the dishes and drinks that we want, which will be immediately available to the chef and charged to our account.
The EPOS-lite is the size of a mobile phone and features WiFi connectivity that allows you, in addition to taking our order, to update the menu keeping you in communication with the stock available in the restaurant. And that's not all, the idea is that we can also pay the bill just by entering a password and forgetting credit cards and waiting while the garçon returns the bill.
At the moment, it is only a concept although it would not be a bad thing if it could become a reality.
Vía: Dvice

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