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Every businessman in the hospitality, restaurant or catering sector knows that one of the main What you must face is equipping machinery and furniture for your business. Equipping a hospitality business with brands of quality and economically it is a great challenge.
In any case, products such as kitchens, ovens, hoods, irons, dishwashers or bullion tables and chairs that decorate the premises, are totally essential for a hospitality business. But in addition to being necessary, the quality and technical characteristics they possess will influence the customer experience that we want to offer, therefore we cannot acquire any product for the simple fact of being economical.
Both for the opening of a new premises, and for the renovation of one already in operation, it is necessary to have a supplier strategic that offers products with the latest technological advances and the right design to create the environment you want.
Storing, preparing, cooking and cleaning are basic and essential activities in the daily life of any hospitality business. Having the right equipment and facilities is a key and fundamental aspect for its proper functioning.

Quality and good price with Interhostelería 

www.interhosteleria.com It is a new dedicated to the marketing of machinery and furniture for hotels, restaurants and communities throughout the national territory. Interhostelería's value proposition is extremely simple: quality brands at the best price.
To do this, they have designed a business model where all possible intermediaries and their derived expenses have been eliminated. All of his products They reach the customer directly from the manufacturer, which produces a cost reduction for the company, which also translates into a significant reduction in Prices in the products they sell.
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