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Are you maximizing your off-site sales? V-2020

"Delivery platforms are really affecting the way we do business," said Nick Vojnovic, president of casual fast food chain Little Greek Fresh Grill, Palm Harbor, Florida. "We try to keep pace market by market, teaming up with delivery partners that better serve those markets and also trying to integrate our POS system with their services.".

Restaurateurs like Vojnovic must adjust their operations to keep up with the trend, manage the quality and food safety on the go, look at smaller dining rooms and make sure any technology you use the concept to work with delivery provider platforms. Adapting for delivery often means investing in expensive technology as well as paying hefty fees to your third-party delivery providers.

He points out that no one really knows where or how the facility will end or what it will look like in 10 years. "We are watching, trying to keep up with what our competitors are doing and how they are handling it," he said.

Vojnovic is not alone in his thinking about how restaurateurs are changing their business model to account for the disruption. To help her National Association of Restaurants recently partnered with market research firm Technomic , Inc. in a new report, “Taking advantage of technology to boost the sales outside the premises ”, which explores the key factors driving the growth of offsite consumption and how restaurateurs are using technology responding to it.

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According to the report, consumers say that almost 60 percent of their occasions in restaurants they are now off-site, at the point of entry, through take-out and delivery or curbside delivery. The reasons range from convenience to weather to speed of service, among other things.

"The industry of restaurants it is constantly changing and the role of technology in it continues to be increasingly critical, ”said Hudson Riehle, the Association's senior vice president for research. “In today's on-demand world, off-site capabilities are more important than ever to maintain restaurants aligned with the wishes and needs of its customers ”.

Key findings from the report on off-site popularity include:

  • 92 percent of consumers use the driving service at least once a month
  • 34 percent of consumers order delivery more frequently than a year ago
  • 79 percent of consumers uses delivery in restaurants (and 53 percent use third-party delivery services) at least once a month

More information: www.restaurant.org/Downloads/PDFs/Research/research_offpremises_201910 .

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