The thesis presented below has been developed as part of the final exercise of completion of studies to obtain the degree of Bachelor of Tourism by Dariel Trujillo Chacón. To download it completely you can do it through the following link:

The present investigation was carried out with the objective of evaluating the current situation of the quality at Restaurant Buffet "La Cascada" of the Hotel Comodoro & Bungalows, as it is the point of sale with the greatest impact on customer perception
on the Restoration activity. In order to comply with the established objective, the Manual of Processes of Food and Drinks of the Hotel, which allowed to prepare checklists that would facilitate the evaluation of behavior
of the gastronomic production and service processes in the restaurant object of study.
Methods such as direct and participatory observation were used to analyze the level of compliance with the standards established by the Cubanacán Group, as well as conducting interviews and questionnaires with specialists and clients to collect information.
With the results obtained, using the brainstorming technique, a SWOT matrix was prepared, which through the Insights of cross impacts revealed
that Restaurant Buffet, despite the deficiencies found, currently has an offensive position. Finally, strategies were defined that will enable continuous improvement in the quality of services and will contribute to raising the level of customer satisfaction.

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